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Meditation for Mindfulness

“Meditation for Mindfulness”- hacking your life, How to Meditate, and Learn Meditation the real way.

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What is Meditation

Meditation Mindfulness – Meditation is a state of mind which is achieved by training the mind with the help of mindfulness, or focusing for observation of thought – to become aware and achieve a clear state of mind.

Meditation for mindfulness guided

Do you think reading the answer to the above question “what is meditation” has made any difference to you.Probably not, or at the most now you know the answer of the question “what is meditation”,what is Meditation for Mindfulness .

Meditation Mindfulness

Meditation Mindfulness – But be aware reading an answer is not  same as knowing the answer or understanding the answer to the question “what is meditation”Do think about it.

The Answer to Life, meditation for mindfulness, mindfulness meditation

Meditation for Mindfulness – Meditation for Mindfulness-Benefits & Effects—Beginning of a meditation journey of Dr. Manish’s life was accidental. After having an excellent academic career with a gold medal in his M.S, exams and having reached the prestigious fellowship of pediatric ophthalmology and Neuro ophthalmology in one of the topmost hospitals in India, life appeared as a cakewalk in front of him.


He was recruited by a number of prestigious corporate hospitals in several parts of India like Kerala, and in several parts of Maharashtra, where he was a visiting consultant and extended his services for the good cause for more than 7 yrs, and was having a busy and fulfilling life, that is what were his feelings then. By God’s blessing he was having a wonderful academic career, financial status, and was recognized as the renowned pediatric ophthalmologist and Neuro ophthalmologist all over India.

Meditation mindfulness

What else does anyone desires from so-called life. Days, months and  couple of years passed by like a sweet dream. There was nothing much to complain in his personal, academic, social and professional life. He always thought that, it was a win-win situation for him and the best way he identifies it as “a dream come true” as he recollects.

Meditation Benefits

Meditation-Mindfulness-Benefits & Effects—As he was very fond of reading and used to update himself regularly, on one occasion in brilliant Sunday morning he had to refer a book ‘Textbook of medicine’ also it is considered as Bible of medicine, among medical students  and is a well-known reference book which all medicos use routinely.

As he was proceeding through a chapter, related to treatment of some non- infectious chronic disease, the name of which he fails to recollect at this point, that moment turned out to be a turning point of life. This is where and how the journey of meditation began in his spirit.[How to Meditate,Learn Meditation](hacking your life).

YOU TUBE-VIDEOS – Meditations

Meditation-Mindfulness-Benefits & Effects -CLICK HERE

Autobiography of “Meditation”

Meditation-Mindfulness-Benefits & Effects

Mindfulness Benefits

Meditation Mindfulness – Meditation-Mindfulness-Benefits & Effects—It was only on that day I realized the true knowledge   that the book had to offer, or rather I grasped the meaning of the word called  “life” in the true  sense.

I had read that book multiple times during my M.B.B.S days and also referred it routinely during my M.S.  days, and occasionally during my fellowship days of “ pediatric ophthalmology and Neuro ophthalmology”.

But that day, which was an ordinary day and that moment, which again was an ordinary moment, some extraordinary things happened and I understood the meaning of, the word called as “thoughts” as I was reading the textual matter in the treatment section of that book as described earlier. As we all acknowledge there is a right time for everything, and  probably it was my time.

As the conditions and the circumstances were correct, the turning point moment flourished and showed its effect, which has become a never-ending phenomena since that day.

As my eyes were gradually sailing through the grim and white text, there was suddenly a pause. My eyes dragged backwards in that seem as if it was straining to show me something forcefully, even when I was trying to go ahead but somehow my eyes were not ready to drift ahead.

As they continued their obsession on this particular word called as “stress induced ” and was merely ready to let go this is what I said before was the suspension the pause. And it was accompanied by a strange feeling which distracted me completely from my main objective of reading.

Meditation Mindfulness– The word “stress induced ” became really prominent in my mind, and all that I can tell you is, it began to energize thousands of questions in my mind.[How to Meditate,Learn Meditation](hacking your life).

Meditation how to do

Meditation-Mindfulness-Benefits & Effects

How to do mindfulness meditation

How to do mindfulness meditation, Meditation for Mindfulness – The practice of mindfulness-meditation increases the clarity of mind and this increase in clarity leads to sensation of well-being.The result of this increased sensation of well-being decreases the stress levels there by up grading health and also helps in better sleep.The practice of Mindfulness -Meditation,Yoga also helps in  sleep related issues.

How to do meditation for beginners

meditations by manish shyamkul,meditations and beyond

Meditation Mindfulness – Overall the mind-space-head-space  is increased,stress decrease as a result of mindfulness meditation and this results in “awareness”.

How to do a meditation

But whats’s new,is the following information on mindfulness meditation ,and this is what we all must know and understand,

Meditation-Mindfulness-Benefits & Effects—- ???###Meditation means relaxation??###- this is the biggest myth which I have come across, since my journey began towards meditation. Most of the people think that by doing meditation it will help them to free their mind of all the worries and mind becomes stable and hence they will experience relaxation,peace of mind.

Meditation for Mindfulness-Benefits & Effects

Some of them to say that after meditating or during the process of meditation they fall asleep. Others keep on complaining that their mind keeps on wandering and new thoughts keep on coming when they are meditating. I am very sorry to say that all the above statements and thoughts which we frequently come across, or have been stated by our elders and other relatives and friends is nothing but just a hearsay.


This is some kind of expression or thought which has been percolated through generations and generations and has been accepted by society and also believed to be true. Such are the expressions and comments which we take it for granted as because everybody else is saying so and we believe it to be true. But we have always failed to cross examine such comments without any realization.


Meditation Mindfulness – It is not a rocket science but only thing is that nobody ever questioned or checked the validity of such percolated comments. As human beings we must always cross-examine any kind of comment or statement by ourselves and by self-realization and only then should we except any kind of advice.

How to do the meditation

Meditation-Mindfulness-Benefits & Effects—When I started my journey towards meditation the first question that I asked myself was if meditation means relaxation then why is the need to do meditation because there are thousands of other ways to relax. I had no answer then. Then the next question which I came across was may be my definition of relaxation itself must be faulty.


Then started my journey towards finding the true meaning of relaxation but here the questioner was me the one who was answering was me and even the dictionary was me and myself. There were no other people, thoughts, faulty statements made by others etc was involved.

Meditation Mindfulness – In other simple terms here you are the batsmen, Boller, Fielder, Empire and the audience. Here you cannot lie, or you cannot take things for granted because either one of the entity does so it will affect nobody else but you so you only are the liar or the misinterpreted or the one who has taken things for granted and you are the one who was the sufferer and has to go through the effects of such thinking.[Meditations](hacking your life).

Meditation Mindfulness -Before going further take some time and try and answer this question genuinely, what do you mean by “relaxation”. Do not take any help from any of the so-called dictionaries and encyclopedias, nor should take any help from others to answer this silly question.

Try to write it down on a piece of paper,so that  you will not be able to answer it lightly. Please do it now or you can mail me your answers.

Meditation Counselor

we shall discuss and continue the same topic in my next post-Meditation-Mindfulness-Benefits & Effects,[How to Meditate,Learn Meditation]

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Meditation Videos

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Meditation Books

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e-book-“The Thinking Buddha-Origin of Thought” , By Dr.Manish.V.Shyamkul

Meditation for Mindfulness – The practice of mindfulness-meditation increases the clarity of mind and this increase in clarity leads to sensation of well-being.The result of this increased sensation of well-being decreases the stress levels there by up grading health and also helps in better sleep.

Meditation Mindfulness – The practice of Mindfulness-Meditation {meditation for mindfulness},Yoga also helps in  sleep related issues.

Overall the mind-space-head-space is increased,stress decrease as a result of mindfulness meditation and this results in “awareness“…and this is what is called as the beginning of  meditation for mindfulness – Benefits & Effects.