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Importance of sleep for students

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 “Body rests during sleeping” do you think,this is true ?…….well you are far away from truth…..let’s find out.

Importance of sleep for students: Do you think, cutting short your sleep is the answer for your, academic improvement, financial growth,and professional enhancement.

Importance of Sleep for students – Best Easy Article Guide

Insufficient sleep in students is one of the major causes of inability to concentrate in studies and fatigue among students.

If you are a student,and learning ,recall, good memory and better comprehension is your concern ,then this is a must read article for you.

As you read further, you will understand how lack of sleep is affecting your performance,concentration, grades and memory.

Importance of sleep for students – This article aims, at clearing, such wrong concepts and focuses on the importance of sleep for your well being and better performance in all the spheres of life.


Sleep-Like numerous beautiful things, which this human body has offered us, one of the most beautiful things is sleep.Please don’t deprive yourself of it ,this won’t do any good for you,on the other hand it will create negative health issues (will discuss further in article) and in addition to it ,this will lead to decrease in  your academic performance, negatively affecting your grades,decrease your ability to concentrate and maintain it,further hampering your academic performance and learning in school or college.

Importance of sleep

Importance of sleep for students – Sleep is a law of nature. Everything that is living, needs to sleep sometime or the other. Everything that is alive must sleep for specific duration; such is the design of nature. Who are we to disturb, this supreme architecture, of Mother Nature?

Normal sleep duration varies, according to the age group.But on an average 6 to 8 hrs of sleep is must for our proper functioning and health.any thing less than this is sleep deprivation.And this sleep deprivation over long term is called as chronic sleep deprivation..and is very harmful to you,your health  and your academics.

Effects of sleep deprivation on students

Importance of sleep for students – The importance of sleep cannot be underestimated, how much ever, busy our life becomes. It doesn’t matter whether you are a busy professional, businessman, software engineer, manual laborer, student, somebody with the white collar job, child or an infant, we all have our own sleep patterns and we must respect it.

Effects of sleeping late on students

Importance of sleep for students – Sleep is a phenomenon,which has been misinterpreted and misunderstood by lot of students. in reality sleep is a repair and rejuvenating process.now if you deprive your self of sleep ,that means you are depriving, your body from undergoing repair and rejuvenation.

Does that ring a bell!!,Do you really want to deprive yourself from natural healing process of repair.nobody does,but due to lack of knowledge,most of us reduce our sleeping hours,and unknowingly deprive our body from this magnificent natural healing process.

Have you ever wondered,

  • Why do you feel fresh and energetic,after waking up from  a good night sleep?
  • What is the reason for that refreshing feel?
  • Where did all the pain, fatigue,lethargy and stress of previous day disappear?

Was that magic ,no my dear friend it was no magic,but a simple healing process called as “sleep”.Think about it.

I hope, now you must have understood clearly,the true meaning of sleep. sleeping does not simply mean, resting your body ,but it is much more than that!!

As mentioned earlier, sleep is one of the most beautiful things, which this life and our body has gifted us.

But, the problem comes, when we tend to either overdo it or misuse it. Life is a wonderful phenomenon and so is “sleep”. Before diving deep into the tips to wake up early, I believe, it is important for us to understand the “importance of sleep” and  benefits of sleep.after learning the positive effects of sleep,you will never think of sleeping less or sacrificing sleep for anything else.

It is only due to lack of this knowledge,where students decrease there sleeping hours and unknowingly harm themselves.

Not going  in, too much of  medical jargon and  complex medical terminologies, we will discuss the importance of sleep in a simple manner, and easy language for everybody to understand.

Importance of sleep for college students

Importance of sleep for students – My readers belong to different age groups. This article is not only focused for adults, but for individuals from each and every age group are taken into account, specially kids and students.

For the benefit of students and kids,we shall discuss this extremely important topic in simple and easy way,so that students and kids can get a good understanding of this,without much problems.Still if have questions and doubts ,you can always put your questions in the comment box below,and i shall reply you as soon as possible.

Have you ever wondered,

  • Why each and every living being has to sleep?
  • What is the need for this sleep?
  • Why our body is programmed for specific duration of sleep?

Importance of sleep essay

Importance of sleep for students – In our busy life, time is money and not only money but time is everything. We are so busy, that 24 hours of the day also seems to be insufficient, for our work,or academic performance. And out of these 24 busy hours of the day,  few hours are consumed by sleep, at times we wrongly address it as, “productive hours are lost and wasted in sleeping”.

Importance of sleep for students – It is the natural  tendency of the human beings, to cut short their sleeping hours, sacrificing sleep either for studying or working extra hours,under the wrong impression, that doing so will increase there performance,concentration,and grades.

This wrong concept is seen very commonly among students. If you are a student, you try to cut down your sleep ,so that you can study more, if you are a worker, you try to cut down your sleep and work extra hours at night, if you are a businessman, you try to cut down your sleep, so that accounts can be tackled at night, if you are a homemaker, you try to cut down your sleep so that you can devote more time to your family, and last but not the least, if you are an exam going student ,you try to cut down your sleep, so that you can study more and get better grades.

Everything said and done, sleep is one of the most wonderful natural phenomena which God has given us, but we have never understood the importance of sleep and never realized, the benefits of sleep.

Importance of sleep for students – If sleep was not important, then mother nature would have wiped it out from our life, long ago. But this has not happened, and this is enough evidence, to make us understand that nature favors sleep, our human body favors sleep, life favors sleep and we favor only money!.

There is nothing wrong, when you are running after money but not at the cost of sleep.

Sleep importance for better health

Importance of sleep for students -If we try to understand the human body, the anatomy of human body, the physiology of human body, biochemistry of human body, pathology in human body and diseases in human body, we will come to the conclusion, that the root cause of any problem in human body is nothing but the disturbance of the normal physiology.

As we all know that water, food and breadth are important for our survival, but we tend to forget the importance of sleep for human beings or for that matter its importance for all living beings.

Importance of sleep for babies

Importance of sleep for students -The importance of sleep in human physiology cannot be underestimated and can never be ignored.

Sleep is a phenomenon which is responsible for the betterment of all the activities, performed during our waking hours. If you have understood me correctly, I can rephrase it as, sleep is a phenomenon which is responsible for our performance during the waking hours.

Sleep and its importance

Importance of sleep for students -Let us try to enumerate, all the natural physiological processes, which occur during sleep. When you are sleeping, you feel, your body is resting!!, this is the wrong belief. On the contrary when you are sleeping, your body is going through, millions of changes, every moment and at every level.

Importance of sleep for student athletes

Importance of sleep for students -All, wear and tear which has occurred, during the activities of waking hours damages our body, at the cellular level. All this damage needs to be repaired, and this task is not possible during the daytime as your body is active,moving  and requires all the energy to be diverted towards your activities and performance.

When you are sleeping, all the other daytime activities cease to exist, and our body then diverts all the energy and channelize it towards repair work. If this repair work is not performed then just imagine, how will you function and perform,the next day.

Importance of sleep for students -Not to mention, if this wear and tear, is not repaired then this damage, will keep on building up and it will not only decrease your performance but will also lead to generation of diseases.

  1. When you are sleeping, all the hormones which are necessary for the survival and optimal functioning of this body are released in your bloodstream, secreted and circulated, in required amount, and that is how, they do their job. And all this is happening as you are sleeping.
  2. And you know it very well, what will you be without your hormones.
  3. It is only during sleep, the immune system of our body is boosted, which is very much necessary for protection and for fighting against the diseases.
  4. It is only during sleep, active multiplication of the cells are occurring which are responsible for growth and development of a child and adults.
  5. It is only during sleep, major alterations in the neurotransmitter and enzymes occur, leading to regulation of the sensory organs, which is responsible for keeping you away from depression and lethargy.
  6. It is only during sleep, this human body is actually “living its life”.
  7. It is only during sleep; we generate, all necessary energy, and boost our creativity which occurs at the subconscious level, for your better performance next day.

Sleep importance during pregnancy

Importance of sleep for students -We all know that, it is must for pregnant mothers to eat well and take sufficient rest. This is the same advice, which is given by the gynecologists to the pregnant mothers.

Have you ever wondered why?

As the baby, is growing in the mother’s womb, it demands lot of energy for the active multiplication of the cells which is responsible for the growth and development of the baby.

Importance of sleep for students -The additional energy which is required for the proper development of the baby is, channelize to the baby when the mother is sleeping. When the mother sleeps ,it is not only her body which is undergoing repair so as  to cope up with the stress of pregnancy,but good amount of blood flows to the fetal side which also delivers additional nutrition and energy to the baby for proper development.

If mother is not resting and sleeping adequately, then the ill effects of sleep deprivation is immediately evident on the growth of the baby, in the form of growth retardation of the baby, or decrease in weight of the baby.

And the list is endless. Each and every cell of our human body is rejuvenated during our sleep.

Importance of sleep for students – I believe, after reading this article you must have understood, not only the importance of sleep but also benefits of sleep which are responsible for our creativity and well-being.

In our next article, we will discuss about “tips of waking up early”, if you have any doubts or if you feel ,that I have left something please put it in the comment box below, if you have any suggestions or queries please feel free to discuss, in  comment in the comment box below. I shall reply to all the comments as early as I can, without disturbing my sleep.

Meditation for students and your good health 

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