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Lifetime Experience-Trip To Kashmir

Lifetime Experience-Trip To Kashmir

Dr Manish Shyamkul Eye doctor & Child Eye Specialist in Mumbai
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#Lifetime Experience #-Trip To Kashmir#

Lifetime Experience :


This is a short video and a detail article (blog-post), about how we all friends, made it possible to take a short break of 2 days ,and enjoyed these 2 days to the fullest. In spite of our busy schedule,it is still possible for all of us,to plan properly and take a quick break from our monotonous  routine busy life,so that we can refresh ourselves and without losing much, of our working days ,we are still in the position to enjoy our short vacation.

Sounds interesting ,isn’t ?


If you have pre-planned, well ahead of time,your air-tickets and hotel bookings come at a very cheap price!!,make sure you plan well in advance ,this will take away, all the  extra burden of your pocket,and you will be able to enjoy everything at nearly half the cost, including your air-tickets.Planning well in advance is the key!!!

In our experience ,we were able to enjoy Gulmarg completely ,in the matter of just ,2 days and that too without any rush or kind of hurry.We enjoyed all the snow-sport activities ,had wonderful and satisfactory  time in SNOW,enjoyed great food with city tour in evening .in my opinion 2 days is more than enough to enjoy Gulmarg to the fullest,one can always spend a day extra if you have time.otherwise we never felt any thing lacking in our short trip.

Hopefully this video and the blog below ,will inspire you to start planning for your next short quick break…to the destination of your choice.Just make sure that you plan properly and i am sure you will have a very fulfilling, and successful short trip.

At the end of  this trip,we all felt one thing sincerely and also we admit it ,it s all in the mind.if you want to take a short vacation ….you always can!! …but our mind always  makes excuses and keep us away from taking a vacation. #Truly it’s all in the mind#.

All the best!!!!

If you want  to read the details of vacation to Gulmarg,Kashmir ,which  we planned a short trip for 2 days ,all the details are available in the blog below,click on the blue link below,and enjoy reading and also plan your next short vacation!

If you have any questions  about the trip to Gulmarg ,Kashmir….please leave a comment in the comment box below and i shall reply as early as possible.

Enjoy the video below and if you want to  read about the wonderful moments at gulmarg and details about it read the blog below.Click on the blue link for reading blogpost.

Enjoy The Ride

Enjoy Day

 (Click the blue link to read full article for free)

A Practical guide , # How To  Plan A  Short Vacation-Trip to Kashmir #

How to live life to the fullest

# How to live life #

lifetime experience-trip to kashmir

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