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 Mindfulness Meditation


Meaning of Mindfulness Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, Meditation Music,falling asleep during meditation,meditation mats,meditation songs and like these many more concepts are all wonderful “concepts of mindfulness meditation” created by our so called society. We all have heard about them ,many of us have accepted such “concepts of mindfulness meditation” blindly ,and some of us are even following these concepts since several years. But have you ever questioned yourself ,

Where have reached ,and what have you gained by following such concepts of meditation ?”.

Have you ever questioned yourself,

Knowing  and following such concepts,has it made any difference to your mindfulness meditation,has it changed the outcome of your mindfulness meditation session,has it benefited you or your mindfulness meditation session in any way?

If you want to know the truth,the universal truth of mindfulness meditation,then this is a treat for you. Rest depends on to you ,

Do you want to spend the rest of your life following such concepts which has done no good to  you or do you want to get your answers?

Meditation Posture :Best Book on Amazon

If you want to get ,the answers for all your question about  mindfulness meditation,then this  is a must read for you-“Meditation posture :Universal Truth About Mindfulness Meditation”.

Meditation posture

We do not intend to sell you any, training program on mindfulness meditation, classes for  mindfulness meditation,mindfulness meditation bracelet, CD’s or DVD’s for mindfulness meditation, music for mindfulness meditation , nor we claim any 30 day challenge for learning mindfulness meditation. We are here to  share knowledge ,the universal knowledge -the truth about mindfulness meditation.

Meaning of Mindfulness Meditation

Do you want to know this universal truth about mindfulness meditation,mindfulness meditation posture,meaning of mindfulness meditation,benefits of mindfulness meditation and every thing about  mindfulness meditation,then you are at the correct web page at this moment. Get your question answered, in the mindful-way of meditation,clear you confusion about mindfulness meditation, acquire the knowledge  about mindfulness meditation posture and learn the universal truth about meditation.

Best book on Meditation Posture and Meditation Benefits-universal truth .

Amazon’s Best Seller Book of  Meditation on Amazon.###

Amazon best sellers

We all have read a lot, about mindfulness meditation,heard and few of us have even attained mindfulness meditation classes,seminars and training courses on mindfulness meditation.But even after doing so ,why do you think you are reading this eBooks description and possibly you might even buy this book,or shall i say, yet another book on Mindfulness Meditation. Do you have any answers? why?

Why every time,when your eyes are glancing through bookshelf of bookstore,they keep on searching for titles with Mindfulness Meditation?

There exist a possibility ,that deep within you,your questions are still unanswered, and that is the reason, why even after reading ,and attaining training courses,your thirst is still not quenched.And you are very sure,there is more to it.
The reason for this is simple, you were never exposed to “True Mindfulness Meditation”.
There are lot of misconceptions already prevailing in our society ,and the preset knowledge of mindfulness meditation given to us by society is ,nothing but misconceptions of mindfulness meditation.

Universal Truth About Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation posture :Universal Truth About Mindfulness Meditation, this book is an attempt to compile , all the lectures on true- mindfulness meditation,stress ,depression and anxiety. Here in this eBook on mindfulness meditation, we have made the chapters, as an interactive sessions and also have presented the content in question and answer format. These questions are the most frequently asked questions on mindfulness meditation, and were asked by our students of mindfulness meditation during lectures and counseling sessions.Here we try to answer all the possible questions on mindfulness meditation,in the light of, the teachings of Buddha.

Meditation posture

The author of this book  Meditation posture :Universal Truth About Mindfulness Meditation,is a well known master of mindfulness meditation ,and has dedicated his life for helping everyone,who is in search of answers regarding true mindfulness meditation.He has counseled number of stressed individuals,depression patients,and others suffering from anxiety, anger,and other forms mental block’s.
The aim of this book-Meditation posture :Universal Truth About Mindfulness Meditation, is to bring about clarity regarding mindfulness meditation and to remove all the myths and misconceptions ,which were created and forced on us ,by this misguided society .They have sold us with all kinds of books, mindfulness meditation Matt’s, mindfulness meditation online courses,training sessions on mindfulness meditation,and many other commercial resources of meditation.But their results are better known to you.
If you have your questions ready,then this book series has the answers on mindfulness meditation.This book will be a treat for those who have been searching for answers and were misguided and lost.

mindfulness based stress reduction training near me

I hope this book, Meditation posture :Universal Truth About Mindfulness Meditation, proves helpful to everyone in need.

If you need any help regarding meditation, you can also read our other publication by same author,Manish.V.Shaymkul,

  1. The Thinking Buddha” – Origin Of Thought,thoughts during meditation,how to control thoughts during meditation
  2. Universal Truth about Meditation
  3. “The Meaning Of Life” – Mind Over Matter.
  4. Meditations And Beyond!-One page a day towards Stress-free, Mindful and Meaningful Life
  5. “Overcoming Depression”- Mindfulness Meditation.
  6. The Answer To Life-Meditation and Mindful Living-Best Book On Meditation.

If you are curious and have lots of questions, you can visit our you-tube channel-“Latika Eye And Maternity Clinic(Best children’s eye specialist in Mumbai,Goregaon ,INDIA), to watch free you-tube videos on Mindfulness Meditation.

mindfulness based stress reduction near me

Still, if you want we are also conducting courses on meditation,MEDITATION SESSIONS,meditation counseling sessions,and meditation training programs-special sessions on demand basis are also arranged for international students and for those who need help, please feel free to contact us for the same- best mindfulness meditation classes & training programs for mindfulness meditation in goregaon Mumbai INDIA.. . Basically here we try to clear the confusion of your mind. Once the confusion of the turbulent mind disappears, it clams down and the true knowledge appears which you and only you can experience after calming your mind. But for this your mental blocks must dissolve, and we help to dissolve these mental blocks by answering your questions.

meditation counselling services near me

Many students’ fellow beings,and individuals suffering from depression,anziety,anger and other states of mind, are of the opinion that these question-answer sessions have helped them in their journey. If you wish to register for such counseling session, you can contact me on,

Email – drmanishlvp@gmail.com

For reading further,

Website https://www.latikaeyeandmaternityclinic.com/

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BEST free mindfulness meditation videos for learning meditation in ENGLISH.

BEST free mindfulness meditation videos for learning meditation in HINDI.



Hope this book- “Meditation posture :Universal Truth About Mindfulness Meditation”  helps you!



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