Glasses fogging up with face mask

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Glasses fogging up with face mask- How to Keep Your Glasses From Fogging Up While Wearing a Mask is one of the most commonly asked questions, in eye doctors clinic during the period of lockdown.

How to Prevent Your Glasses From Fogging Up While Wearing a Mask

Hi friends, this is Dr. Manish Shyamkul, and I am a Consultant pediatric ophthalmologist, neuro-ophthalmologist, and an eye surgeon.

Today we are going to discuss, How to keep your glasses fog-free while wearing a mask.

Glasses fogging up with face mask

how to keep your eyeglasses fog free while wearing a mask
How to prevent eyeglasses from fogging while wearing a mask during lockdown

welcome to my website and youtube channel and now, on this tutorial channel we will discuss most of the questions which I get from my patients, and also from e-mails.

most commonly asked questions,

Eyeglasses fogging with face mask

whenever I am putting on my glasses during this period of lockdown, while working on the computer,reading, writing,or when I am doing my office work. whatever I am doing well but at times they get fogged  and I am unable to see very clearly so what do I do.

my problem is my eyeglasses get fogged with my face mask, during this period of lockdown.

so today’s topic is dedicated to how to prevent fogging of your eyeglasses with the mask face mask

Glasses fogging with face mask

okay and this will be helpful for all the patients who are having this problem in this period of lockdown. so that they can effectively do their job without getting fogging of the eyeglasses.

so let us begin , what we need to understand is why actually the eyeglasses are getting fogged, what is the reason why are eyeglassses getting fogged with face mask.

Why do glasses fog up in the first place?

once we understand the problem the solution is very simple.

when we put our face mask and when we put our eye glasses over his face mask. now see what happens is, I don’t know is that you are able to appreciate I’m sure you can observe you can appreciate the following which is going on there on my glasses,…please see I n the video is demonstrated beautifully in the attached video.

Glassses fogging up with mask

I’m sure you have understood that the fogging is happening as I am breathing so it is very much related to the breathing. right now the most common complaint is the doctor you know whenever I am wearing the eyeglass I see hazy and when I remove the glass or whenever I remove my face mask, my vision is ok.I don’t face any problem though I see a little hazy because I’m not wearing the prescription.

when I don’t have a glass and when I’m wearing a face mask what is happening is when I’m breathing when I’m exhaling all the exhaled air is trying to come out directly through my nose and it is exhaled into the surrounding. But when I am wearing a face mask …..the exhaled air gets obstructed due to the face mask.

so what happens is all the Exhaled air.. here tries to find out another way an easy way which is the space between your nose and the face mask

this is the second most easy way in which the exhaled air passes through. The first-way id through your nose directly outside, but since there is an obstacle now the air takes this second easy way now what happens is when the air is coming out and if I’m not wearing any prescription  the air escaped in the surrounding and does not get diverted, and hence no fogging.

but when I am wearing an eyeglass , prescription on my face along with facemask… what is now happening is all the air that is coming out from here directly gets projected on the back surface and the front surface of the eyeglass. Due to temperature changes, the exhaled warm air starts condensing on the surface of the eyeglasses..and that’s how we get fogging of the eyeglasses with the mask.

now you understood the problem. the solution is also very simple.

I am sure, you must have come across a lot of solutions which is posted on google like…you can use some kind of toothpaste and you can use someone over very expensive cleaning solution or you can go for a very expensive kind of eyeglass itself which is going to have some kind of expensive coating, which claims it won’t flog.

but let me tell you don’t waste …your good money on all these things most of them don’t work. only you will waste your money without and benefit

Now we use a simple hack ,it is called as Micropore tape.

This is a micropore tape, which is not at all expensive it is very cheap and it is available freely in your pharmacy in your chemists shop in your medical shop. you don’t require a prescription for this, just tell him I want a micropore tape, that’s it.

Apply the tape as shown I the video,at the level of the nose and at the margin of the face mask. And there you go…I don’t see any fogging

Now whats the magic…the air which was getting diverted on the surface of the eyeglass is unable to escape as the passage is blocked by the micropore tape.

And that’s how no more air diversion, air condensation, or fogging of eyeglasses and no more blurry vision, and that’s how we prevent fogging of the eyeglasses with a mask.

Now two important things you must remember,

  1. first, there may be few individuals who might be allergic to this micropore tape. all right so be careful if you are allergic do not use this.

2. whenever you are using this micro-pore tape make sure that you are not very close to your eye. the margin of the eyelid should be far away from the margin of the face mask, almost two and a half to three finger-width. And there you go…it’s done.

Well the information shared here is for educational purpose and none should be tried without any medical consultation or consultation with your eye doctor near by.

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