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Kids Glasses-Guidelines for Kids Frames@ Kids Eye Clinic

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Guidelines for Kids Frames @ Kids Eye Clinic

The correct way of Choosing Kids glasses or buying kids frames in case of children.

Children’s Eye Specialist

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Kids Glasses-Guidelines for Kids Frames@ Kids Eye Clinic

This  is a public education & patient information article, which aims at educating and spreading awareness in the community regarding ,choosing suitable & comfortable spectacle frames for children’s glasses, kids frames and toddler’s glasses.

Choosing Kids glasses or buying kids frames in case of children, kids and toddlers is very much different from that of selecting eye frames in adults.Kids glasses,kids frames,toddlers glasses,children glasses

Which types of eye frames are suitable for kids,toddler’s and children?

This is a most frequently asked question by parents, in kids’s eye clinic .Kids glasses,kids frames,toddlers glasses,children glasses.Common problems faced for buying children’s glasses are as follows,

Safe – Kids glasses (kids frames, toddlers glasses & children glasses)

Safety is the first and foremost factor, which must be taken into account when buying eye frames for children. For obvious reasons, it is not the important factor when buying eye frames for adults as it is understood that adults will take care of glasses, and rough handling is not an issue when we are choosing or deciding about adult glasses.

But such is not the case, when it comes to; choosing children’s spectacle for toddler’s and kids. Children’s are always curious about everything, and so is true about their eye frames. They will always try to explore each and every part of the glasses, and each and every joint of the eye glasses.Kids glasses,kids frames,toddlers glasses,children glasses

Also, children are in the habit of chewing on glasses, or may like to put the limbs of eye frames in their mouth, as a pastime.

Sleeping with eye frames on -Kids glasses

(kids frames, toddlers glasses & children glasses)

Few of the children are also in the habit of sleeping with their eye frames. This is very important factor which parents must be taking into account when purchasing eye frames for their children. As sleeping with the eye frames on, leads to misalignment of the eye frames. Also this situation must be avoided as, it can lead to trauma or injury to the child due to the eye frames.

Nose Bridge-Kids glasses 

As we know, children are developing age, and so are the facial features and the nose of the child. It is the kind nose bridge or the nasal bridge, which is of primary importance and becomes very significant for us, when we are fitting or selecting, eye frames for children.Kids glasses,kids frames,toddlers glasses,children glasses.K

As the eye frames rest on the nose, main support of eye frames comes from the nose-bridge of the child, which may or may not be very prominent, as that of adults. Hence the low riding nose or a depressed nose bridge will not provide adequate support to the spectacle, leading to slippage or misalignment of children’s eye frames. This frequently results in slipping of the eye frames, below the level of eyes.Kids glasses,kids frames,toddlers glasses,children glasses

You must have seen so many children, who are going around with this kind of slipped spectacle. Unfortunately, such kind of malposition in children’s eye frames   is observed very frequently and is due to, purchasing misfit, or ill-fitting children’s spectacle frame.

Such a situation usually arises due to lack of knowledge and awareness among parents regarding, the necessary guidelines to be followed while purchasing children’s spectacle frames.

Slipped spectacle frame -Kids glasses (kid’s frames, toddler’s glasses & children glasses)

As the prescription power of the slipped eye frames is resting, below the eye level of the children, child never sees through the center of the lenses, and is always looking above the eye frames.

This means the prescription is of no use, child is still seeing without lenses but just for the namesake eye frames are being used. This kind of eye frames, do no good to the child and is not of any use for his or her vision. Such kind of ill-fitting eye frames are useless, and are a bad choice with waste of money.

How to avoid sliding down of kids glasses? -(kids frames, toddlers glasses & children glasses)

Parents must always make a special note, of this when purchasing a spectacle frame for children. It is not only important ,that when the child is static and  wearing the spectacle during  fitting, it remains in position, but it must remain in position other times as well.as we  all know children are always jumping around and playing, you must consider such situations also while fitting and choosing, children’s  spectacle frame.Kids glasses,kids frames,toddlers glasses,children glasses

So it is important for parents to remember that, when they are in the optical shop, even if the frame is resting properly in place (the static position), it does not mean it will remain so ,when child is jumping and playing. So a proper fitting of kids glasses, is very essential and crucial, for the proper correction, of your child’s refractive error.

Always make sure, eye frames of your child remains in the proper position not only in static position, but also when the child is looking down, as in the position of writing or reading.Kids glasses,kids frames,toddlers glasses,children glasses

So, now you must have understood the significance of proper fitting of children’s glasses not only in static forward looking position but also when the child looking done when  he  or she is writing or reading ,and also when children are playing and jumping.

Metal frames are contraindicated -Kids glasses (kids frames, toddlers glasses & children glasses)

Metal frames in children, is definitely not a very good idea and also it is not safe. As children are in the habit of jumping around, playing, and sometimes fighting, a metal frame can prove disastrous in such a situation. The child is not at risk of harming himself but also harming other children. This is why; metal frames must never be purchased for kids and children. I would say, metal frames in children are absolute no-no.Kids glasses,kids frames,toddlers glasses,children glasses

Material -Kids glasses (kid’s frames, toddlers glasses & children glasses)

Make sure, that the material of the children’s spectacle frame is child friendly, and is not made up of cheap harmful plastic material. As most of the kids and children are in the habit of biting on their frames or biting the limbs of the spectacle frame, the harmful chemicals and plastic material might prove disastrous in such situations. So it is always better to purchase a good quality non-metallic spectacle frame for children.

Cheap but allergenic- kids glasses (kids frames, toddlers glasses & children glasses)

Now a days, kids glasses are marketed by so many companies, few of which are cheap and use allergenic ,and low quality unsafe material for manufacturing kids glasses , toddlers frames and children’s glasses. Using such cheap alternatives may lead to contact dermatitis due to allergenic maternal used in kid’s glasses. This results in rashes, itching and thickening of area of contact. Good quality materials –such as latex free, rubber free, and hypo allergenic kids glasses are less likely to cause allergies.Kids glasses,kids frames,toddlers glasses,children glasses.

Kid’s glasses-Harmful color

make sure, that the frame does not have cheap harmful colour material being used for colouring of the spectacle frame, as this cheap harmful colouring agent is released in slow quantity when the child bites on the limbs of the spectacle frame, and the released material is being swallowed by the child every time he or she bites on the limbs of the kids spectacle frame.

Dimensions – Kids glasses (kids frames, toddlers glasses & children glasses)

Parents must ensure, whatever spectacle frame they purchase for their kids and children, it should not be very small in dimensions. As a small spectacle frame is likely to dislocate and lose visual axis of the child’s eye even with the small jerks.

Shape – Kid’s glasses (kids frames, toddlers glasses & children glasses)

It is always better to purchase around or oval shaped kids glasses or children’s glass frames, which are likely to cover the eyes properly and more comfortably than that of the small, and tiny kids glasses or children’s glasses.

Sagging down – Kids glasses (kids frames, toddlers glasses & children glasses)

It is must for the parents to observe, how the child is behaving with his glasses, even after purchasing the glasses. As sometimes, after purchasing the eye frames for kids and children, which might appear to be of a proper fit at the time of purchase, lose their fitting and tend to sag down.

It is always a good idea for the parents to make sure that the fitting is proper and comfortable, at the time of purchasing kids glasses in the first place itself.Kids glasses,kids frames,toddlers glasses,children glasses.

Elastic band -Kid’s glasses (kids frames, toddler’s glasses & children glasses)

Using a rubber band is harmful and should not be done as it might result in allergies and sometimes may prove harmful for the child.

An elastic band, used for stabilizing kid glasses is a common practice, but unfortunately most of the children dislike it. And whatever children dislike they will not use it. And over a period of time they start disliking the eye frames also and will always find a reason and an opportunity for not wearing their glasses.

So to get away from all these problems it is always better to purchase very well fitting and very comfortable kids glasses initially, at the time of buying the spectacle frame for your child. Wraparound temples or cable temple is an alternative for elastic band for kids glasses.Kids glasses,kids frames,toddlers glasses,children glasses

Now let’s discuss, yet another very important factor which you must take into account when purchasing children’s spectacle.

Lenses-Kids glasses (kids frames, toddlers glasses & children glasses)

Let us talk about the lenses of the kids glasses.

There are very few options when you are purchasing lenses for children’s spectacle frames. Unlike in adults, where lens material , have lot of varieties, lenses for children’s spectacle frames have no options, or rather should I say have no safe alternatives other than polycarbonate.

As children’s eye specialists, paediatric ophthalmologist’s we always recommend to use polycarbonate which is safe and tough material ,to be used for making lenses  for kids glasses.Kids glasses,kids frames,toddlers glasses,children glasses.

Kids glasses ,lenses should never be made of glass material and is an absolute contraindication for kids glasses. As this glass lenses are at the risk of breaking and hurting child’s eyes, it is always avoided. Under no circumstances, glass lenses should be used for children’s spectacle frames. As far as safety of your child’s eye is concern, glass lenses in children’s spectacle frame are an absolute no-no.

Anti-scratch coating -Kids glasses (kid’s frames, toddler’s glasses & children glasses)

Though due to rough handling, they are liable to get scratched surface and might need frequent change of lenses.

Having an anti-scratch coating, might be of the option but does not guarantee no scratches, and also such coatings are very expensive. If one can afford to go for such coatings it is an option, but definitely such coatings are not must.

Anti-reflective coating -Kids glasses (kid’s frames, toddler’s glasses & children glasses)

Anti-reflective coating, is yet another option for preventing extra glare and ghost images formed on the surface of the lens. Also due to the reduction of the glare with the help of this coating, it provides little more comfortable vision. But again I must emphasize, such coatings are expensive and if you are able to afford, then this could be an option. But under no circumstances it is a must.Kids glasses,kids frames,toddlers glasses,children glasses.

High index lenses -Kids glasses (kids frames, toddlers glasses & children glasses)

Children, whose glass prescriptions are more than 4 diopteres, will have bulky and thick lenses. So as to avoid such kind of bulky and thick lenses, one can buy high index lenses.

High index lenses are the ones who are very much thinner and lighter, as compared to others. It is always advisable to purchase high index lenses for your children’s spectacle frame, if  kids glasses prescription is more than 4 diopteres.

Also high index lenses beyond four diopteres will not only be thinner but will also be of lighter in weight, and there by provides  more comfort to child and increases chances of  acceptances by kids, in spite of high power. These high index lenses are very helpful for patients with high refractive errors.

Low  refractive errors less than 4 diopteres prescription, one may not buy high index lenses, as it will not make any significant change in the thickness or weight, but will definitely put extra burden on your pocket, without any reason. It will only mean waste of money, so it is not necessary for you to opt for high index lenses if the power is less than that of four diopteres.

As far as marketing of lenses and coatings is concern, there are thousands of options available but may not be necessary for your children’s spectacle frames. It is always better to educate yourself and take opinion of the children’s eye specialist, pediatric ophthalmologist before making any kind of investments in children spectacle frames.

Pediatric ophthalmologist, or a children’s eye specialist are the specialist children’s eye doctors who are trained and certified to take care of your children’s eyes problems. It is always advisable to get their opinion and advice, before taking any decisions regarding your children’s eyes, children’s vision, children’s spectacle or children’s lenses in spectacle frames.

Bifocal lenses -Kids glasses (kids frames, toddlers glasses & children glasses)

There are certain special, demanding cases in which children’s eye specialists; paediatric ophthalmologists advise bifocal glasses for children.Kids glasses,kids frames,toddlers glasses,children glasses

In such situations it is better to take all the instructions from the children’s eye specialist doctor before purchasing such kind of bifocal lenses. As opticians might not be trained, for fitting bifocal lenses in kid’s glasses. Most of the times they use the same knowledge of fitting bifocal lenses in adults and apply it to fitting of bifocal lenses in children, which is wrong.

Always make sure that you take all the necessary information and instructions from your children’s eye specialist, before purchasing bifocal lenses in children for children’s spectacle frame.

Apart from this, do not invest lot of money or purchase very expensive children’s spectacle frames or lenses for children eye frames. As a child is growing, and so are his facial features, soon the spectacle frame which you have purchased will become smaller or will not fit properly as the child grows.Kids glasses,kids frames,toddlers glasses,children glasses

Also as the child is growing, the power of the prescription of the lenses is also changing, and hence you will need frequent change of lenses for your child’s spectacle frame. So it is advisable not to invest lot of money, and do not fall prey to marketing companies by purchasing very expensive children’s spectacle frames or lenses for children’s spectacle frames.

Let us summarize, all the steps in short, before you purchase children’s glasses or kids frames,

  • Children spectacle frames should be proper fitting, and must comfortable for the child,
  • Children spectacle frames should sit properly on the  nose bridge of the child,
  • Children spectacle frame should not slip from its position,
  • Children spectacle frame should not only remain in position when the child is to take but also when the child is looking down as in writing position or when the child is playing,
  • Children spectacle frame should be made of child friendly material,
  • Metallic children spectacle frames are absolutely contraindicated in children,
  • CR 39 material lenses are good for children’s spectacle frames,
  • Glass lenses are absolutely contraindicated for children’s spectacle frames,
  • Coatings of any kind are not must for children spectacle frames,
  • Anti-reflective coating is definitely an option for children spectacle frames,
  • Other expensive coatings are not must for children glasses or kids frames,
  • Before deciding about your child’s vision or child eye frames or child’s lenses, always make sure you consult children’s eye specialist.

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If you have any kind of questions regarding children’s eyes, children’s eye problems  MUMBAI., children’s refractive errors, treatment of children’s refractive errors, or any other kind of queries please feel free to comment in the comment box below. children’s eye specialist and squint specialist in Mumbai, pediatric ophthalmologist in Mumbai,We will try to answer all your queries as soon as possible.

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