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Kids Eye Test

Kids Eye Test in Mumbai – Are you worried about your child’s eye exam,Infant,baby’s,toddlers or kids eye test.

best child eye doctor in Mumbai India
best child eye doctor in Mumbai India

Do you want to learn more about eye exam of your child’s eye.This article will clear all your doubts and myths regarding kids eye test.

pediatric eye test -squint specialist in mumbai, pediatric eye doctor mumbai

If your kid needs an eye test,you might be worried about what to expect during your kids first eye test.

Kids Eye Test

Dr Manish Shyamkul eye doctor in Mumbai

Kids eye test's and detail eye check up of kids eyes are performed by children's eye specialist doctor called as pediatric ophthalmologist. Dr Manish Shyamkul is one of the best pediatric ophthalmologist in Mumbai for complete eye examination of your kids eye and kids eye problems. Dr Manish Shyamkul-Children's eye specialist in Mumbai.

Child Eye Specialist in Mumbai

best child eye doctor in Mumbai India

Dr Manish Shyamkul is a Child Eye Specialist in Mumbai, Pediatric ophthalmologist and squint specialist. He is one of the best Kids eye specialist in Mumbai, at Latika children's eye clinic and squint clinic Mumbai.

Best pediatric ophthalmologist in Mumbai

best child eye doctor in mumbai,India

Dr Manish Shyamkul is one of the best pediatric ophthalmologist in Mumbai. Pediatric ophthalmologist perform detail eye exams for kids,baby's,toddlers,and infants eyes. child's eye problems are diagnosed and treated by pediatric ophthalmologist. Dr Manish Shyamkul is the best eye doctor for your child's eye problems. Latika children's eye clinic and squint clinic, Children's eye specialist in Mumbai.

Pediatric eye test

Pediatric eye test for all children is a must. Kids eye test can be done at any age,and that too without causing any discomfort to your child. Even a newborn can undergo all eye tests.

Eye tests need to be performed only after a certain age ,this is a common myth prevailing among parents.

Children’s Eye test

Eye check up tests for toddlers,infants,babies and children are also covered in this educational article on kids eye test.

Kids Eye Exam –  The aim of this article Kids Eye test is to educate and inform parents, about the importance of detail children’s eye test done by a pediatric ophthalmologist also called as a children’s eye specialist.

Also the article’s main focus is to educate parents and make them understand the importance of early developmental years of kids eye and the impact of any kind of child eye problems.

Eyes problems in a child if goes unnoticed for any reason  might ultimately lead to reduced vision in future.

toddlers eye test- dr manish shyamkul

The article also focuses on the importance of examination by children’s eye specialist in Mumbai, so that early diagnosis and treatment will help in successful  outcome.

Child Eye Doctor

In today’s world with the advent of new technology, it is possible for a trained eye doctor also called as pediatric ophthalmologist or children’s eye specialist, to properly test your kids eye.

A complete and detail eye check up for toddlers is called as pediatric eye test.

Children’s eye test differs from that of a standard eye exam in adults.

kids eye test is a tough job and lot of patience is required as child’s co-operation is always an issue.

Pediatric eye examination does not only mean eye check up to determine eye power in kids.

There is a lot more than just children’s eye test chart and eye power in kids.

Eye check up for toddlers,Kids,infants and babies involves much more than vision and eye power and glass power.vision and eye sight is only a part of the pediatric eye test.

glasses or no glasses for kids, this is not the only question which is important from child eye specialists view point.

But this standard eye exam in adults is totally different than detail pediatric eye test in a toddler or a child.

Pediatric eye examination is a detail child eye checkup,and is different from eye power check up in grownups.

Here the proper development of the child eye and the nerves of the child eye according to the age of the child needs to be confirmed.

Along with several other aspects of eye tests and details are explained as you read further.

Pediatric eye test involves few important aspects like,

  • Complete detail pediatric eye examination
  • Finer aspects of nerves exam
  • Eye movements examination
  • Vision or the eye power test in kids,
  • Without causing any discomfort to the child or the child eye.

Kid’s eye specialist – Children’s Eye Specialists

children's eye test- dr manish shyamkul .harmful effects of mobile phones,childrens eye clinic,

Pediatric ophthalmologist (or children’s eye specialists in Mumbai) are, eye professional super-specialist child eye specialist doctors who are trained in child eye care.

After completion of post-graduation in ophthalmology (M.S),further super-specialty training of such doctors involves, a  fellowship which might be of two-year duration, during this period they are trained to work with children,kids,toddlers, infants and premature babies.

Such doctors are certified to practice pediatric ophthalmology as pediatric  eye specialist, after the completion of their long term fellowship.

Now you know where you should get your kids eye test done.

Pediatric eye exam what to expect

babies eye test- dr manish shyamkul

Eye doctor for child

Kids eye test is a scary thought  for most of the parents.Even when parents think about there kids eye test or toddlers eye check up ,they  are worried and anxious.

Parents are worried about the pain involved during the eye test of their Infant,baby,toddler,kid,children’s eye test or toddlers eye exam.

But this is not true, especially in this modern world with the advent of new technologies and high-tech instruments which are very precise and are child friendly.

Pediatric ophthalmologist clinic is equipped with all such high-tech and latest child friendly examination equipment.

These equipment’s cause minimal or no discomfort to the child or child eye.pediatric eye test in kids,toddlers,baby or infant has become very safe and without any pain for child.

Examination of a child’s eye could be tricky as children’s eye test demands little bit of children’s co-operation and  is one of the important factor, for the successful completion of pediatric eye test.

Each and every parent believes that their child is very notorious and may not be able to cooperate for pediatric eye examination and that is the reason,why most of the parents do not come for children’s eye test or seek medical help from a paediatric ophthalmologist.

Toddler Eye Test

During eye check for toddlers or toddlers eye exam, co-operation of the toddler is one of the factors for successful pediatric eye examination.But at times children’s co-operation for children’s eye test is unpredictable.But parents may not worry,as pediatric eye examination done by pediatric ophthalmologist may be the end of worries for you. children’s eye specialists are professional doctors trained in Infant,baby’s,toddlers,kids and Children eye test and management of children’s eye problems and diseases.

baby's eye examdr manish shyamkul
Children’s Eye Specialist Clinic Mumbai [Pediatric ophthalmologist]-Latika Children’s Eye Specialist Clinic Goregaon west Mumbai
A paediatric ophthalmologist or a children’s eye specialist is trained for dealing with an uncooperative Infant,baby,toddlers,kids and Children.

Pediatric eye clinic for children’s eye test are equipped with all the latest high-tech equipment’s for children’s eye examination which require minimal or no child’s co-operation.

I’m sure, merely by reading the above paragraph, the major concern of the parents regarding kids eye test,pediatric eye examination ,pediatric eye test and kids co-operation and child’s eye discomfort is taken care of.

Hence parents should not worry about children’s eye test,eye check for toddlers, or pediatric eye examination to  be performed by a trained children’s eye specialist.

What age should a child have their first eye exam?

Children must have their first comprehensive eye examination at the age of 6 months.then the subsequent children’s eye test should be scheduled at the age of 3 yrs and one before they enter school at the age of 5 yrs.

American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) guidelines for Kid’s Eye Test

As per the recommended guidelines of the American Association of ophthalmologist and paediatric ophthalmologist, at the time of birth a baby should get a preliminary eye examination which is followed by another examination at the age of six months.

Later one examination is done at the age of three years and another eye examination is scheduled before entering school by the age of five years.

This is the protocol for children whose eyes are growing and developing normally, and is called as children’s eye screening examination.

children's eye test- dr manish shyamkul

But such is not the case when the children’s eyes have got some kind of child eye problems, disorder or eye disease.

In such cases depending on the eye problem in child,eye power in kids,and child eye diagnosis the  children’s eye test or eye check for toddlers should be done more frequently.

Most of the children,toddlers are brought to the children’s eye specialist for consultation, with some kind of parent’s doubt.

In most cases parents have observed some child eye problems with their child eye. Commonly eyes problem and changes in child behavior or regarding child’s vision are the presenting complaints.

kids eye test- dr manish shyamkul

Child Eye Problems

  • Commonly noticed child eye problems and also 
  • one of the presenting complaints are
  • frequent blinking of eyes
  • frequent itching of eyes.

Eye Complaints in Children & Toddler’s eye problems

How do I know if my child needs glasses?

  • If your child needs glasses ,you will notice few change in behavior of your child.
  • There are a few important signs and symptoms which indicate very significant eye problems in your child eye,kids eye, toddlers eyes,and also in infants and babies.
  •  You must consult your children’s eye specialist,if your kid is suffering from this kind of eye problems.
  • Common eyes problem in child,toddlers,infant and babies are,
  • frequent blinking of eyes.
  • itching of eyes.

Other commonly seen eye problems in kid’s are as follows-

child's eye test- dr manish shyamkul

  • Squint in children
  • Watching T.V closely
  • Reading books very close to eyes
  • Cock eyes or strabismus.
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Redness of eyes in kid’s
  • Watering of eyes in kid’s
  • Discharge of eyes kid’s
  • Swelling of eyes in children
  • Referral from school screening
  • Introvert child
  • Lack of social smile in babies
  • Blank looks in infants eyes
  • Misaligned eyes in kid’s
  • Referral for retinopathy of prematurity
  • Wandering eyes in kid’s
  • Dancing eyes in kid’s
  • Asymmetry of eye position in kid’s.

                                                          Early diagnosis and treatment of children’s eye diseases

toddlers eye test- dr manish shyamkul

Whenever such a doubt has aroused in the minds of parents, it is advisable for the parents, to get their kid’s eyes examined by the children’s eye specialist, so that after a detailed examination,the doubt is cleared and if any kind of eye-problem, eye condition, eye disorder, or children’s eye diseases is encountered it is investigated and treatment is initiated. Early diagnosis and treatment is the only key factor required for a successful outcome.

Children’s Eye Test

children's eye test- dr manish shyamkul

Children’s eye test & Importance of early diagnosis and treatment – As the children’s eyes are still developing, any eye disease can hamper the development of the Kid’s eye. As the child’s eye is not fully developed, it is vulnerable and gets affected badly due to the presence of any abnormal eye condition or any eye disease.

So it is very important for parents to understand the significance of developmental age and must get their children’s eye examination and detail eye check-up of the children’s eyes, so that any developmental eye problems is not missed and an unfortunate event of having a compromised vision in future can be prevented .

Children’s eye examination

kids eye test- dr manish shyamkul

When you visit children’s eye specialist, first of all a detailed birth history is noted, and after this, detailed kid’s eye check-up is carried out.

Kid’s Eye Vision Test

kids eye test- dr manish shyamkul

During this, the first step is of determining the kids’s eye vision. Again as mentioned previously, in today’s modern world and with the help of child friendly special equipment’s , it is possible for a children’s eye specialist to determine the vision of the child, at any age.

Whether the child is a verbal or pre-verbal, it does not matter. A Kids’s eye specialist doctor is capable of determining the child’s vision or the infant’s vision as early as six months of birth.

infant's eye test- dr manish shyamkul

There are special charts and methods available to determine the vision in ,

  • Babies of six months age,
  • Infants,
  • Pre-verbal children,
  • Preschool children,
  • School going children and
  • Infant,baby’s,toddlers,Children and Kid’s with developmental delay.

infants eye exam - dr manish shyamkul

These factors should not stop the parents to get, examined by children’s eye specialist.

Mostly, parents think that their,

  • Infant,baby’s,toddlers,kids and Children are very slow,
  • Very uncooperative,
  • Wont cooperate for eye test
  • child will have pain during eye test

and that is the reason, they avoid getting their children’s eye checked by children’s eye doctor.

But now after reading this article, I believe you are very clear and should not worry about the above-mentioned factors.

kids eye test- dr manish shyamkul

In our next article of this series, we shall learn more about different methods and eye vision charts for children,and eye vision charts utilized for determining the vision of babies.vision examination can be very well done for,

  • Babies after the age of six months,
  • Verbal and pre-verbal children,
  • Preschool children
  • School going children
  • Infant,baby,toddlers,kids and Children with Developmental delay.
  • Also we shall learn about, how the examination of the child’s eye is  performed, causing no discomfort or minimal discomfort for the child.

children's eye test- dr manish shyamkul

Also we will learn about ,

Cycloplegic Refraction For Children’s eyes exam

  • What is cycloplegic refraction in babies,infants,and children ?
  • Importance of cycloplegic refraction in kids

Cycloplegic refraction is extremely important, without which the child’s eye exam is incomplete.

If you have any questions, please kindly put them in the comment box below. We shall try to answer your questions and doubts regarding kids’s eye examination and children’s eye diseases, as early as possible.

Children’s Eye Test near me

best child eye doctor in Mumbai India
best child eye doctor in Mumbai India

Kids eye exam in Mumbai at Latika children’s eye clinic and squint clinic – Best Pediatric ophthalmologist in Mumbai


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