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How to clean eyeglasses

How to clean eyeglasses is a confusing question.Though many commercial cleaners and cloths are available for cleaning your eyeglasses, lens, & frames in the market,but is that the best way?

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Master The Art of Cleaning Your Eye Glasses

Today we are going to learn and discuss the correct way to clean your eyeglasses, anti-reflective coatings, anti-glare coatings, and how to fix scratches.
Yes, daily cleaning of eye glasses is good your vision and glass lenses, eye doctor also recommend this.

I am sure you know that. There is a long list of home-made solutions, eyeglass cleaners, clots, wipes, sprays, and weird tips and tricks on internet.

All these commercial, homemade solutions and kits are available, but there effectiveness is questionable. Of-course, not to mention the financial burden they put on your pocket.

Cleaning eyeglasses daily, everybody advised you, but how to clean eyeglasses has remained a mystery for you, and probably that is why you are reading this article guide.

If you are also facing the same age old, unanswered and confusing question of how to clean your eyeglasses lens, then this simple, easy guide is for you.

Who should read this simple guide to cleaning eyeglasses?

Every one who uses eyeglasses must read this guide.

What new will you learn about eyeglass cleaning in this guide?

This easy guide will not only teach you how to clean lenses but will also highlight and explain you the wrong ways of cleaning eyeglasses.This informative and helpful guide will help you in clearing all your doubts and misconceptions about cleaning eyeglasses, apart from teaching you the proper and the best way to clean your spectacle lenses and eyeglass frame.

What is the best way to clean your glasses?

The best way to clean eyeglasses according to Dr.Manish Shyamkul in his own experience with eyeglasses,is to run them under tap water. Rinse your eyeglass frame with water,dry with a clean lint free cloth or microfiber cloth.

How do you clean glasses with vinegar?

Cleaning your eye glasses with vinegar is not recommended,also it might damage your delicate eyeglass and anti-reflective coating. Rather than that the best way to clean your eyeglasses is step wise explained in the following article..do read this https://www.latikaeyeandmaternityclinic.com/how-to-clean-eyeglasses/

Is anti glare coating worth it?

Anti glare coating also called as anti reflective coating is used to reduce glare. This glare occurs due to the light hitting the back of your eye glasses. In general many people are very comfortable with anti-reflective coating. Also anti reflective coatings are not very expensive.

Does anti reflective coating wear off?

yes, anti reflective coating does wear off. Anti reflective coating gets damage with time or with rough handling of your eyeglasses and eyeglass frame. Possible ways in which anti reflective coating gets damage are scratching, peeling of the coating or wearing off of the anti-reflective coating. so handle your eye glasses properly and gently.

Wrong ways of cleaning eyeglass is not bad your eyeglass lenses but it will also create a hole in your pocket.

We all know how expensive these eyeglasses lenses are and if you have one of those with an anti-reflective coating or anti-glare eyeglasses, then you are done!

Before we begin, with this easy guide to clean eyeglasses, let’s see how much fuss people have created on the Internet about cleaning eyeglasses.

There is so much of wrong information being spread on the Internet today about cleaning eyeglasses that now it sounds like getting eyeglass cleaned has become a rocket science.

The Best Way to Clean Eyeglasses

The best way for cleaning your eyeglasses is to avoid any alcohol, liquids, wipes, lens solutions, and eyeglass cloths. They do more harm to your glasses than good.

If you are still with me then, always remember this, get rid of all eyeglass cleaning tools, machines, and kits.And once and for all learn the proper way to clean your eyeglasses, as you will use eyeglasses for the rest of your life. Hence, it must for you to learn about cleaning your spectacle lenses.

So read this guide carefully, and the information shared here will help you for the rest of your life.

How to clean eyeglasses is a common question faced by every eyeglass user.Do you want to learn the best way to take care of eyeglass, then this article is a treat for you.

Seeing through smudged, dirty eyeglasses give us blurred and disturbing vision because of smudges, lens flare, and glare. This glare is more disturbing to us & creates eye-strain, and the smudge is responsible for, cosmetically unpleasant looks.

Internet is flooded with the articles and blog posts like,

  • How to clean eyeglasses with vinegar
  • Six tips for cleaning your eyeglasses.
  • Vinegar to clean eyeglasses
  • SECRETS for cleaning your eyeglasses,

and many more related topics and articles, but unfortunately they are all written by the authors who have never used eyeglasses in their life.

The aim of this article is not to give you any kind of magical tip. We do not intend to sell you any kind of magical solution or your email registration for a free PDF download.

The aim of this article is to explain all the principles and factors responsible for having dirty eyeglasses.

Before learning how to clean your eyeglasses, first we will learn why are your eyeglasses becoming dirty? And how to prevent your eyeglasses from getting dirty?

I believe learning this way is more logical and sensible!!!

As you know, in this modern world, glasses have become very expensive. One has to spend a great deal of money buying new eyeglasses. And despite spending a fortune on your eyeglasses, they don’t last long. If adequate care and maintenance of eyeglasses is done in a proper manner then usually the glasses last long, and it is possible for you to maintain fresh and pleasing appearance of your eyeglasses.

How to clean nose pads on eyeglasses

Cleaning nose pads on eyeglasses-Let’s learn how to clean nose pads of your eye wear first and then temple and then eye lenses. Cleaning should always be in this order.
• Cleaning of nose pads on glasses is a simple procedure.
• No need to remove the nasal pads from the eye glasses
• Since the nose pads are made up of fiber, they lose dirty easily and are easy to clean.
• Use a wet cotton cloth and soap
• Clean the nose pads firmly by applying a little pressure over the surface of the nose pads.
• Clean the area nose pads that rests on the nasal bridge, as this area attracts and accumulates a lot of oily secretions and grim on the nasal skin.
• Take care while cleaning the nose pads do not touch the glass lenses; else you may damage the lenses.
• After cleaning the nose pads, rinse the glass frame running water.
• Dry thoroughly with the help of microfiber cloth.
• And you are good to go!

How to clean plastic eyeglasses frames

OK! After cleaning the nose pads in the above way, now it is your turn to clean the body of the plastic eyeglass frame.
The parts of the plastic frames comprise a temple, nose bridge.
Plastic frames don’t have nose pads; Instead, they have nose rest (nose bridge).

How to clean plastic glass frames

• Ok! Here is the best way to clean you are plastic eyeglass frames.
• Plastic eyeglasses frames are made from acetate/ fiber/ plastic and hence they have a very smooth surface. Unlike in metal frames, where the surface of metal could be rough and may have sharp edges.so metal frames are difficult to clean.
• Cleaning of plastic eyeglass frames is relatively simple.
• Use soft cotton cloth (you can use microfiber cloth also) with mild soap.
• Begin by cleaning the nasal bridge part of the eyeglass frame.
• Clean this area thoroughly, as the nasal bridge of the eyeglass frame attracts a lot of oily secretions and grim.
• Now cleaning the nasal bridge, begin cleaning the temple of your frame.
• Temple is the area where the frame rests over your ear.
• Clean this area thoroughly, as this area is usually dirty because of the oily secretions secreted by skin behind your ears. Also, it attracts a lot of dirt from your hair.
• After cleaning the temple of your frame, now rinse your eyeglasses under running tap water.
• And now is the time to clean your eyeglass lenses. (How to clean your eyeglass lenses).
• Best tip for cleaning your plastic eyeglass frames-You must clean eyeglass lenses at the end; Otherwise, they again become dirty because of dirt released by cleaning the other parts of your eyeglass.
• So at the end of the procedure, your eyeglasses lenses must be cleaned and not in the beginning or in the middle.
• Thoroughly dry your glass frame with the help of microfiber cloth.
• And you are good to go.
• This is the proper way to clean your plastic eyeglass frames.

How to clean eyeglasses lens

Since you have browsed for this topic how to clean eyeglasses, I am sure that you are already using either a pair of eyeglasses or sports glasses or protective glasses or sunglasses.

Well, whichever glasses you are using it does not matter. The method of cleaning remains the same for many eyeglasses.

Follow the instructions properly in the step-wise manner and do not use any other substitute which is not mentioned in this article.

If you properly follow all the instructions, you are good to go and sooner you’ll have eyeglasses, which will look as if, a new pair of eyeglasses.

How to clean your glasses properly

There are lots of rumors and misleading answers regarding how to clean eyeglasses. Internet is flooded with information about how to clean eyeglasses; but most of them are wrong and are junk.

  • how to clean your eyeglasses with vinegar ,
  • How to clean eyeglasses with saliva ,
  • How to clean eyeglasses with hairspray ,
  • how to clean eyeglasses with dishwasher and thousands of other similar articles .

How to clean cloudy eyeglasses

Do not fall prey to all this kind of information or else, you will land up with a disaster of irreversible damage to your eyeglasses rather than cleaning your eyeglasses. This will cost you a lot of money and you might have to spend a fortune, to buy a new pair of glasses along with the frustration of following the wrong information on Internet.

How to clean glasses properly

Cleaning of eyeglasses is a very simple procedure. Unfortunately, we ourselves and the marketing companies have added lots of complexity, just for the sake of selling their products.

How to clean eyeglasses at home

Always remember one thing, glasses are being used since ages and even in the past, the eyeglass users were cleaning their glasses when, no marketing lens cleaning solutions, were available.

Best way to clean eyeglasses

In modern days, most of the glasses have many additional features that are added in the form of coatings on the eyeglasses. These are the coatings responsible for the features like anti reflective nature of your glass, photo chromatic lenses, UV-radiation capture, etc. all this is possible, because of a coating that is very delicate and can wear off easily.

You can easily damage the coatings of your eyeglasses if you clean your eyeglasses hastily..

Most of the coatings present on the eyeglasses are delicate and are at risk of damage, if roughly handled.

Chemical cleaning of your eyeglasses is also a risky affair if you’re not sure which chemical you are using for cleaning your eyeglasses, what is the concentration of the chemical being used, and most important of all what is the nature of the chemical being used on your eyeglasses.

If you have answers and a good knowledge about these entire questions, and only after confirming it from your optometrist (WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!), one can go ahead with such cleaning solutions. These solutions are expensive and will be an additional burden on your pocket.

But trust me, my dear friends, such expensive eyeglasses solutions and chemical cleaners are not at all,required.

How to keep eyeglasses clean

Before beginning with how to clean your eyeglasses, let me tell you how you shouldn’t clean your eyeglasses. Let us first discuss all the wrong ways.

Wrong ways of cleaning your eyeglasses

  • Do not use any kind of home-made remedy on your eyeglasses.
  • Do not use any kind of strong chemicals on your eyeglasses.
  • Do not use any kind of cloth material on your eyeglasses.
  • Always keep your glasses in the box-case provided when you are not using them.
  • Do not clean your eyeglasses with saliva.
  • Do not use any kind of spray on your eyeglasses.
  • Do not use any kind of strong soap on your eyeglasses.
  • Soap bars are an absolute no-no, for  your eyeglasses
  • Do not use hot water on your eyeglasses.
  • Never place your eyeglasses upside down- this will not only scratch your eyeglass lenses but will also decrease the life of your eyeglasses.
  • Never ever use any citrus-based solutions on your eyeglasses.

Now let us learn how to clean eyeglasses with anti-reflective coating in our proper and safe manner.

How to clean eyeglasses with anti-reflective coating

Always remember, water is your best buddy, and running tap water is the best thing for  your eyeglasses.

Best way to clean eyeglasses

Cleaning your eyeglasses with the help of a drop of water, placed on the surface of your eyeglasses and slowly and gradually wiping it in a circular manner, with the help of a lint free cloth, washes 90% of the dust and impurities present on the surface of your eyeglasses.

This is a very handy and helpful tip that you all can use when you are on the go.

When you have sufficient time and access to running tap water, you can very well use running tap water.

How to keep eyeglasses clean

Always make sure, before touching lenses, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and dry them completely and only after doing this began with the procedure. The oily secretions and the impurities present on our fingers are the main source of dust and impurities and get your eyeglasses dirty.

There are millions of pores present on the skin of our palms and fingers, through which oily secretions come out of skin. At any point of time, there are microscopic traces of this oily secretions present on the tips of our fingers.

If you are in the habit of touching your eyeglasses frequently, then you unknowingly transfer all these oily secretions of the surface of your eyeglasses. This is how smudges build up on our eyeglasses.

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If you get rid of your habit of touching your eyeglasses frequently, then a major part of the problem is solved.

Unfortunately, there are Glass users who cannot prevent this from happening, this could be habitual or it could be a demand of their profession(computer professional with eye tiredness-computer vision syndrome @latika eye clinic).

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How to clean glasses without smudges

Placing your eyeglasses under the running tap water for a few minutes, that is more than enough to get rid of most of the smudges, dust and impurities present on your eyeglasses. After doing this gently wiping your eyeglasses with the help of, a lint free cloth will take care of almost all the impurities present on your eyeglasses.

How to clean eyeglasses cloth

MICRO-FIBER lint free cloth for cleaning eye glasses

A cheap lens cleaning cloth is a disaster and is more damaging to the eyeglasses, then any other thing.

How to keep eyeglasses clean

A good quality of lint free cloth (microfiber lint free cloth-demand this from your optometrist, while buying new glasses, it comes free!, also available commercially and is not at all expensive) can clean and absorbing all the oily secretions and smudges present on the surface of your glasses.

If you do these two steps properly and frequently, you will never ever have to use any kind of detergent or expensive chemical lens cleaners.

How to clean your eyeglasses

Always remember, you must frequently wash your, micro-fibre lint free cloth must be washed frequently. All the dust, impurities and oily secretions that get absorbed from the surface of your eyeglasses during this process remain inside this lint free cloth.

If your micro fibre lint free cloth itself becomes dirty, then it will become the main source of spreading smudges and impurities on the surface of your glasses. So it is very important for you to keep your lint free cloth clean and wash frequently.

There is no substitute for this (free) good quality lint free cloth. Never ever use any other cloth material to clean the surface of your glasses. This can lead to, scratching eyeglasses and damage your anti reflective coating present on your glasses.

How to fix scratched sunglasses

You will see thousands of articles on how to fix scratched sunglasses on the Internet;One more trending search is for how to remove scratches on eyeglasses. Essentially, we will discuss both the topics under one heading below.

How to remove scratches on eyeglasses

Now do not wonder and don’t get carried away, if you see the following information on internet like,

  • how to remove scratches from glasses with toothpaste;
  • how to remove scratches from glasses with baking soda,
  • how to fix scratched glasses with a coating,
  • lens buff eyeglass scratch remover,
  • eyeglass scratch remover,

All the above mention methods work either by buffing away of a scratch with material like toothpaste, or second method involves filling up the scratches with car wax, furniture spray or silver polish.

Whatever you do, do not engage in the above things, and you will land up with wasting your money.

All the methods mentioned above don’t work and, in fact, they are risky. We do not recommend any kind of method to fix your scratched sunglasses or eyeglasses.

We totally discourage such fixing of scratched sunglasses or fixing of scratched eyeglasses.

Just buy and replace the scratched eye glasses with a new one.

The above ways are temporary and not the correct way to fix scratched eyeglasses. In fact, there is no way to fix scratched eyeglasses, most of the time you land up either damaging or completely removing your eyeglass coating.

Just buy a new pair of eyeglasses and enjoy the pleasure of seeing through new eyeglasses, which is distortion free and clear!!

The Best Eyeglass Cleaner

• Running tap water is the best eyeglass cleaner.
• It is inexpensive.
• Freely available
• Non-reactive and
• Harmless for your eyeglass lenses and eye frames.

The best way to care your spectacle at home or on the go is similar. There is no difference if you are at home or on vacation.

Just take good care of your spectacles and stay away from cleaner liquids, solutions, and sprays; these cleaners are not at all needed.

Taking care of the eyeglasses, eye frames and lenses is not so difficult, is you are a little careful with them!

Always remember, taking very good care of your eyeglass in the first place, is the most important preventive aspect, so that later you don’t have to face a situation and keep on browsing to find ways for fixing your scratched eyeglasses lenses.Always talk to Eye Care Doctor in Mumbai or Children’s Eye Care Specialist in Mumbai.

If you take care of your glasses in the above ways, you will always have a nice and shining eyeglasses.

If you have any suggestions, questions or any other better ways to care for your eyeglasses, share with us in the comment box below. I will reply to all the comments and suggestions as soon as possible.