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Computer Vision Syndrome 

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Computer Vision Syndrome/Digital eye strain – A easy helpful expert guide!

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Blurred vision when looking at computer screen?

  • Do you get blurry vision looking at a computer screen
  • Blurred vision while looking or staring at the computer screen.
  • Are you working on the computer for prolonged hours?
  • Then this article & easy guide is for you!
  • This could be eye strain or digital eye strain/computer vision syndrome…

Digital Eye Strain

What is computer vision syndrome?

Computer Vision Syndrome is a set of signs & symptoms of eyes which develop as a result prolonged and uninterrupted hours of focusing eyes on computer screen or digital screen.

How do you get rid of computer vision syndrome?

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Computer Vision syndrome or digital eye strain : 9 steps for relief 1. Frequent blinking of eyes while working on digital screen. 2. Working in proper lighting conditions 3. Maintaining proper working distance from screen. 4. Adjusting proper brightness of screen. 5. Minimizing Glare 6. Eye check up , Eye consultation from eye doctor 7. Taking frequent breaks. 8. Follow 20-20-20 rule of eyes. 9. and Eye exercises..

How do you know if you have computer vision syndrome?

Computer Vision syndrome or Digital Eye Strain – signs & symptoms are as follows,
1. Blurring of vision and heaviness of eyes .
2. Dryness of eyes
3. Eyestrain while using computer or digital screen.
4. Frequent headaches while working on computer screen.
5. Neck pain and shoulder pain while working on computer.

Computer vision syndrome is a major eye problem. One Must know about Computer Vision Syndrome if  you are spending too much screen Time on computer screen.[Digital Eye Strain]

Computer Vision Syndrome causes,symptoms & treatment

In one study computer vision syndrome statistics shows that it affects 50-90%of computer professionals and computer users.

Many of us use computers for educational purpose, learning new things, browsing, shopping, or computer professionals use computers for extended hours as a part of their job.

Thus,computers have become inseparable entities in our daily life.

If you can imagine the burden of computer vision syndrome is 50-90% according to case studies and statistics.

So becomes very important for all the digital display users to be aware of computer vision syndrome/Digital eye strain.

How to cure computer vision syndrome

If you want to cure computer vision syndrome,than this easy guide is for you.

Computer Vision Syndrome

But before treating your computer vision syndrome and searching for the remedies for computer vision syndrome you need to understand clearly, what is computer vision syndrome/Digital Eye Strain?

Eye Strain – What Is Computer Vision Syndrome?

This detail expert guide will show you multiple ways for the cure of computer vision syndrome/digital Eye Strain .

This guide also focuses on the questions like,

  • Computer vision syndrome definition
  • Can computer vision syndrome be reversed
  • Computer vision syndrome causes
  • Computer vision syndrome symptoms
  • Treatment of computer vision syndrome
  • How to prevent computer vision syndrome
  • Is Computer Vision Syndrome/Digital Eye Strain permanent?
  • learn about computer vision syndrome glasses
  • and lastly, begin treatment of your computer vision syndrome/digital Eye Strain .
  • After reading this easy guide you will realize, that the cure for computer vision syndrome was always near you,but you were not aware of that cure.
  • This easy helpful guide answers all the above questions in detail but simple manner.

What is computer vision syndrome

Computer vision syndrome/Digital eye strain is a set of eye symptoms and eye disorders resulting from focusing on a computer screen for prolonged hours.[Digital Eye Strain]

While working on computers we are so deeply absorbed working and we always forget to take care of eyes.

Computer Vision Syndrome Definition

  • Computer Vision Syndrome is defined as a set of symptoms arising due to prolonged focusing of eyes on digital screens.
  • This is typically seen in computer professionals who work on digital screens for prolonged and uninterrupted hours.
  • Also,due to uninterrupted and prolonged focusing on the digital screen,our eye muscles tend to get over worked.
  • The tiny muscles are present inside our eyes and on the outer aspect of our eyes.
  • The eye muscles are not as strong as the other muscles of  our body.
  • Body muscles are made for strength
  • Where as eye muscles are made for fine tuning ,delicate balance and precision,and not strength.
  • This delicate muscles when overworked leads to eye-strain,eye fatigue,blurry vision on looking at computer screen,nausea when focusing and eventually it results in dizziness from sitting at computer screen .
  • This set of symptom together is called as computer vision syndrome.

There are thousands of misconceptions existing today, some of which are pertaining to eye weakness and computer use, computer leading to excessive strain or for that matter excessive reading leading weakens your eyes.

As already said these are misconception which is wide-spread and readily accepted by all of us.

These misconception regarding computer use and eye weakness are without any proof, and unfortunately are followed religiously and propagated by everybody.

One of such wide spread myth is that, too much of reading or too much working on computers is harmful for eyes.

But there is a catch to it, too much of reading or working extended hours on computers is harmful for eyes, is an incomplete statement, when we complete this statement, the meaning and understanding completely changes.

Let us complete this…………… too much of reading or working for extended hours on computers is harmful for eyes

“if performed under improper  and unhealthy conditions”

This important key factor is always missing in our understanding.

In this article we will discuss in detail the meaning of “improper and unhealthy conditions” which are primarily responsible for straining of eyes and also can lead to various damaging eye conditions in the long run.

Causes of computer vision syndrome

Let us discuss these factors which are responsible for causing eye fatigue, eye strain,blurry vision on looking at computer screen, eye discomfort,nausea when focusing and dizziness from sitting at computer screen.

While on computes ,mobile phones ,pads one must take of the few things.

How Do Computers Affect Vision?

If one is not careful while working on computers you are likely to suffer from eye strain,blurry vision on looking at computer screen,eye fatigue,ocular discomfort,nausea when focusing and dizziness from sitting at computer screen

In short it is also called as digital eye strain.

Computer vision syndrome and digital eye strain

Computer vision syndrome/digital eye strain and reversal of computer vision syndrome-we shall go through all the factors in the step wise manner.

Digital Eye Strain

Digital Eye Strain-The factors responsible for this digital eye strain are,

Computer vision syndrome symptoms

Symptoms of computer vision syndrome are as follows,

  • Eye strain
  • Headache
  • Blurred vision
  • Dry eyes,
  • Double vision,
  • Red eyes ,
  • Eye irritation,
  • Headaches,
  • Nausea when focusing
  • Discomfort in the eyes,
  • Dizziness from sitting at computer screen
  • Neck pain and
  • Shoulder pain.

It is  not necessary that these symptoms are produced because of the direct impact of the digital screen on your eyes and body.

But it can also be secondarily produced because of the

  • Improper posture,
  • Computer lighting,
  • Direct blow of air conditioner on your eyes,
  • Working environment conditions in your office
  •  Uncorrected refractive error and eye glass power.
  • All the symptoms of  computer vision syndrome are exaggerated if you are not using your prescribed  eyeglass prescription.

Computer vision syndrome treatment

  • Treatment for computer vision syndrome-Computer vision syndrome treatment,will be initiated after consultation with your eye consultant doctor, an eye specialist.

Computer eye strain: 10 tips for relief

  • In early stages,it is possible to reverse the computer vision syndrome completely.
  • But there are few things which you can at your end to make your life comfortable while working with computers.
  • Make sure that the light in the room is comfortable when you are working on the computer.
  • Re adjust your computer settings and brightness- light emitted from the digital screen should not be harming your eyes.digital screen illumination should be less and comfortable for working.avoid high brightness of your digital screen.
  • Reduce the glare by using one of the methods which are explain the power in this article
  • Take small and frequent breaks while working on computers
  • Make sure you have a comfortable desk and chair- position the monitor of the PC or laptop in a comfortable position so that you are head is the natural comfortable position while using computer for long hours,as explained in detail in this article.
  • Sit in a proper correct posture while working on computers, as mentioned in this article.
  • Make sure you are using correct eyeglass prescription for your eyes- preferably anti reflective coating glasses and the corrective power should be used while your are working on computer.
  • This modifications in your working environment will help you but make sure you consult your eye  doctor to rule out any dryness.

Computer vision syndrome eye drops

  • Computer vision syndrome eye drops-After consulting a doctor,the doctor will prescribe you eye drops for computer vision syndrome treatment.
  • These eye drops are usually in the form of lubricating agents.
  • In special situations some other eye drops more than lubricating eye drops might be required for the treatment of computer vision syndrome.
  • Computer vision syndrome eye drops are an helping hand to cure your computer vision syndrome.
  • But it is best not to be dependent on computer vision syndrome eye drops.
  • It is always better to take precautions and preventive steps to avoid computer vision syndrome.

Can computer vision syndrome be reversed

  • Yes! Computer vision syndrome can be reversed completely or partially.
  • It depends on duration of computer vision syndrome.
  • It is completely reversible, if preventive steps and treatment for digital eye strain is done properly at early stages.
  • If you have neglected the symptoms for prolonged duration,than irreversible changes occur.
  • Such neglected cases of computer vision syndrome may not be completely reversible.
  • Hence if you want computer vision syndrome to reverse,than do not neglect digital eye strain and computer vision syndrome.
  • Better start modification of working space and take corrective steps.
  • Preventive measures should be followed to help complete reversal of computer vision syndrome.

Computer vision syndrome prevention

  • Computer vision syndrome can be prevented by taking certain precautions while working on computers and on digital screen.
  • These preventive measures are basic change in the your habits,life style modifications and modifying working environment.
  • Lets learn how can we prevent computer vision syndrome by making simple small modifications.

Computer vision syndrome glasses

Computer vision syndrome glasses-Eye glasses are the important factor responsible for computer vision syndrome,aggravation of computer vision syndrome/digital eye strain and eye strain.

  • Eye glasses play an important role in the prevention,management and treatment of computer vision syndrome.
  • In other words eye glasses are very important and may lead to worsening of computer vision syndrome.
  • If you want to get rid of computer vision syndrome then read the following about computer vision syndrome glasses very carefully.
  • This set of information and instructions are not available anywhere else.
  • Once you learn and master these steps then this will be very helpful and handy information with you which can be used lifelong.

Do you need glasses for computer vision syndrome?

  • Glasses Prescription and computer vision syndrome/digital eye strain- If you have a refractive error (glass prescription), then it is very essential for you to get your eyes examined from an eye doctor- eye consultant at regular intervals.
  • As any change in the eye prescription will itself produce strain in your eyes which will get further exaggerated and it will add to the problem in the form of eye fatigue and eye blurring and in turn will lead to strain in your eyes.
  • In this case computers are not at fault but your improper glass prescription is responsible for causing excessive strain which will eventually result in fatigue, discomfort and eventually you will land with decreased productivity.
  • If a computer professional has glasses then it is must for him or she to get eyes periodically checked, for any change in glass prescription. This is the first and the most important reason which we encounter as eye professionals in our practice.
  • If a computer professional who didn’t had any glasses to begin with has now began to experience strain.
  • Than even in this case the first and foremost step is to get your eyes checked for any glass prescription which can develop due to many reasons like development of cataract, any disease which is compromising the eye health, any general body condition which is secondarily affecting the eye health, or else it could be a simple near work prescription which tends to develop at around age of 40 years.
  • Some of us had glass prescription but it was very small to begin with, and it never bothered us in our daily lives but as the age advances, this small glass prescription will also become significant as our eyes will not be able to adjust without them during the extended hours of working with computers.
  • So even the minor glass prescription will become significant and might be responsible for the fatigue and discomfort which is commonly faced by computer professionals during their working hours.

Improper lighting and computer vision syndrome

  • Improper lighting is the second most important factor which is commonly observed reason for eye discomfort,
  • eye fatigue,
  • eye strain
  • nausea when focusing
  • blurry vision on looking at computer screen
  • dizziness from sitting at computer screen.
  • This improper lightning can occur from surrounding source of light like sunlight, or Fluorescent lamp tubes, or from your computer monitor itself.
  • Always make sure that no strong bright light or bright sunlight is entering your room where you are working with computers.
  • This will not only distract you while working but will also create excessive strain on your eyes as your eyes have to adapt to lights of different intensities multiple times.
  • This is very commonly experienced by all of us in our daily life –for example, do you remember the last time you walked out of a movie hall after watching a movie, and as you stepped outside, the bright daylight which usually in our daily life causes no problem suddenly, become intolerable for a fraction of a second and later after few moments you were fine and the light become tolerable again.
  • This phenomenon is called as adaption.
  • Here the only difference is, in our example, we compared the dark light inside movie hall and the bright usual daylight and in the same way, while working on a computer we have to adjust to the light of the monitor and also to the bright sunlight which is entering our room, cabin or working space.
  • Our eyes are very well-tuned for adaptation to light, but if this was to happen very frequently while you are working on computers, it will cause a momentary but frequent disturbance.
  • If this happens frequently then eventually you will perceive it as eye fatigue, eye discomfort, nausea when focusing, and eye strain.[Digital Eye Strain]

You can always adjust the settings of your monitor’s display so that it can be very comfortable for your eyes.

It is must for all the computer users and the computer professionals to adjust to their display settings so that brightness contrast and the cool and warm colors are sufficiently adjusted so that they do not produce any undue strain on eyes.

Mostly this very simple step is always ignored.

You forget to adjust the display settings and continue to work on the default factory settings.

This simple readjustment of the factory settings can help you in getting a very comfortable and pleasant vision without any discomfort. Henceforth don’t forget to readjust factory settings of a new monitor or of any monitor before beginning your work on computer.

 Air-conditioning  (environmental – temperature) and computer vision syndrome

  • The temperature in your office where you are working on your computer is yet another important factor in the generation of eye fatigue, eye discomfort,eye strain and dizziness from sitting at computer screen.
  • The basic problem here is the evaporation of tears which occurs from the surface of our eyes leaving our eyes completely or partially dry.
  • This dryness of eyes creates eye discomfort, itching, foreign body sensation, eye fatigue and this eventually leads to eye strain.
  • When we are completely focused on our work on computer at times we forget to blink and this leads to excess evaporation of tears from the surface of the eyes.
  • Blinking is our body’s natural   reflex…This reflex comes in to play for protecting our eyes from foreign bodies entering in the eye and blinking reflex also helps in evenly spreading of tear film over the surface of our eyes.
  • Definitely frequent blinking or should I say frequent blinking consciously will be helpful in preventing evaporation of tears.
  • But along with that if we are able to regulate the surrounding temperature and make it as close as possible to a comfortable room temperature rather than working at extremes of temperature.
  • Normal comfortable room temperature with frequent consciously blinking of eyes, these two steps are very powerful and are extremely helpful in preventing lot of future eye problems.

Computer vision syndrome eye exercises

Eye exercises for computer vision syndrome

  • While working on computers for long hours, we tend to concentrate and focus on the computer screen to get our job done, but while doing so, the eyes remain focused at a particular near position, in other words we can say ,eye focus is locked , at a particular object for a long time.
  • This particular blocking of focus for long time is the major factor leading to generation of eye strain. Constantly focusing at a particular object without any shift of focus tends the eye to remain in a locked position without any relaxation, for quite some time.
  • And because of this prolonged locking of eyes, the eye goes into fatigue. To prevent this eye fatigue one has to relax the eye focus and this is achieved by focusing or looking at a distant object.
  • Looking at a distant object will immediately break the eyes locked focus and this breaking of the near focus itself leads to relaxation of eyes.
  • Focusing at a distant object momentarily will not cause any strain on eyes as our eyes are naturally meant to view a distant objects without any strain.
  • We usually suggest the rule of 20-20-20, that is after every 20 minutes of concentrated work on computers screen, take a break in the form of looking  at a distant object  (approximately 20 feet away) , for a duration of approximately 20 seconds.
  • These are approximate values not to be taken rigidly; the basic idea is to move your attention away from the computer screen to any distant object so the focus is broken and thus leading to relaxation of eyes.
  • After doing so you can again resume your work, and if this is done periodically as suggested you will experience that you are able to concentrate for long hours without any eye fatigue, eye discomfort or any other eye problem for long hours, merely by taking these short breaks.

This is a simple but very powerful tip for your eyes, while working on computers for prolonged hours.

While working on computers the display of the monitor should never be kept at high brightness or at high contrast.

If you ever noticed your monitors display is glowing like a source of light that means you are working under excessive brightness.

Ideally the brightness of the computer screen should be equal to the brightness of the surroundings where monitor is placed.

Contact Lenses in computer users and computer vision syndrome

Can I wear contact lenses while using the computer?

  • Yes, you can but always avoid using contact lenses while working on computers for prolonged hours.
  • This is a very common scenario that is encountered in our day-to-day life.
  • Best is to use your eyeglass prescription glasses, preferably with anti-reflective coating.[Digital Eye Strain]
  • Problem with contact lens using is, it reduces the blinking rate and further reduces the hydration of your cornea, that is the outer and the front of your eye.
  • There are a number of contact lens users who also happen to be computer professionals.
  • Most of them use contact lenses for cosmetic purposes or because they are suffering from a very high refractive error. Some of them are not very comfortable wearing spectacles while working on computers.
  • But the best advice is to avoid using contact lenses while working on computers for prolonged hours


  • uses of contact lens
  • How to use contact lenses
  • How to take care of contact lens
  • How to select contact lens etc
  • these are the topics which are discussed elsewhere on our website , and will not be discussed here.
  • Those who are interested to, read about the same can visit our website- pediatric ophthalmologist and neuro-ophthalmologist in mumbai

Is it better to wear glasses or contacts while on the computer?

  • Eye glasses are best for your eyes while working on computers.
  • Contact lens should always be avoided while working on computers for prolonged hours
  • But while working on computers with contact lenses there are set of instructions which must be followed.
  • Doing this will help you in achieving the maximum benefit of contact lenses and so that you can experience comfortable vision without causing any discomfort or harm to your eyes.
  • First of all, the contact lens wearers must get their eyes examined and must reconfirm their glass prescription periodically and accordingly determine the power of the contact lens for their further use.
  • A contact lens which is not of a proper suitable prescription is destined to give eye fatigue, eye discomfort and eye strain.
  • So it is very essential for such contact lens users to get their eyes periodically examined from a qualified eye professional or an eye doctor.
  • Make sure that your contact lenses are fitting properly.
  • how you can determine a proper fitting contact lens for your eyes – A properly fitting contact lens will never lead to foreign body sensation or any kind of discomfort in your eyes. If they are causing any kind of such problem that means it is probably not a proper fit for you and you need to change the size of your contact lenses. Any kind of frequent watering from the eyes after wearing contact lenses also points towards an improper fit.
  • Considering all the fitting parameters are proper and still a computer professional is having discomfort with the contact lenses while working on computer.
  • This might be pointing towards some kind of allergy to a particular brand of contact lens or allergy to the particular material of contact lens or allergy to the cleaning solution of the contact lenses. If such an event occurs ,consult your eye doctor.
  • If you’re using contact lens over an extended period of time which are out of range as advised by your eye care professional will also lead to eye discomfort while working on computers.
  • For all the contact lens users the most important tip which I can think of is to discontinue their contact lenses immediately if they are facing any of the problems which are mentioned above.

Any kind of redness watering foreign body sensation discomfort to the eyes itching discharge all these are red flags for use of contact lenses and must be immediately discontinued.

One needs to take an eye care consultants advice regarding the same, identify the problem, identify the source, get the problem solved and only after your doctor’s advice you can continue using your contact lenses later.

Any kind of glare or distortion of image or blurring of image might be pointing towards wearing off of your contact lens material.

Contact lenses must be changed as per the type of the contact lens you are using may be daily disposable, monthly disposable, quarterly disposable etc… They should be disposed of as advised by the manufacturer and should never be used beyond suggested period.

Dry Eyes and computer vision syndrome

Dry eyes  is a condition which occurs when the tear secretion of our eyes is reduced beyond a certain limit. This reduce the tear secretion is unable to cover the surface of our eyes and provide necessary lubrication and hydration to the surface of the cornea.

Cornea being a very sensitive structure reacts immediately to any reduction in hydration or dryness.

The health of the cornea is totally dependent on the normal hydration which in turn will determine the clarity and the quality of your vision.

If you are constantly suffering from dryness of your eyes especially when you are working on computers than it is must that you consult your eye care professional and get examined for dry eyes.

Once the condition is diagnosed, lubricating eye drops are prescribed depending on the state of the eyes and dryness.

Frequent use of these lubricating eye drops will help the patient of dry eyes to a certain extent to give them comfort while working on computers; contact lenses are absolutely contraindicated in such patients.

Beyond this discussion on dry eyes is out of scope of this article, interested readers can visit our website to get detail information about the same.

Eye fatigue and anti-reflective coating

Anti-reflective coating-it is thin film of coating which is applied over optical lenses, and other optical elements to decrease the stay light, and cut down the destructive interference.

Doing so very less light is lost and the contrast of the resultant image produced is very good.

Cosmetically this lenses coated with anti-reflective coating is very appealing.

Also it takes care of the ghost images formed at the anterior and posterior surface of lens, thereby reducing the confusion.

In short anti-reflective coating of optical surface is beneficial for the system and our eyes.                                               

For all those computer users or computer professionals who are working on OLD generation CRT type monitors must get their display covered with the anti-reflective coating or anti-reflective film.

Most of the latest LCD monitors they have an inbuilt anti-reflective system which helps in giving more comfort to your eyes while you are working on computers. If you are not very sure about this, please refer to monitors manufacturer manual.

Since most of the latest monitor displays have got this anti-reflective coating and is very common nowadays, further detail discussion is deferred.

Eye fatigue and protective eye wear

If it is not possible for a computer professional to change his CRT type monitor due to company policies, one can use a spectacle, with anti-reflective coating also called as ARC .

This will also help you in getting rid of the ghostly images which are formed over the front surface and the back surface of your spectacle lenses.

These ghost images leads to minimal confusion and a distraction and eventually leads to eye strain.

So it is a very good idea for a spectacle user who is a computer user or a computer professional to get an anti-reflective coating for comfortable working hours on computer.

Computer vision syndrome or digital eye syndrome is commonly searched on Google search.

This entity is not just a not a single eye problem but it is a collection of one or more of the eye problems which we have already discussed above. These signs & symptoms are collectively called as computer vision syndrome.

In one study it was documented that around 90% of computer professionals or computer users have some kind of eye problem which might range from mild discomfort of the eye to painful eyes, nausea when focusing, and headaches.[Digital Eye Strain]

Computer vision syndrome in kids

Computer vision syndrome in kids-One important information which needs special mention, it is not that only grown-ups are suffering from computer vision syndrome but it involves kids as well.

  • In the modern world, kids are known to work on computers, tabs, mobiles for prolonged hours.
  • Hence even kids are prone to suffer from computer vision syndrome and digital eye strain.
  • Not to mention it will have a harmful effect on their eyes.
  • Kids perform activities like projects, homework, study, browsing, and gaming for long hours under improper lighting conditions with improper posture.
  • Surely they are going to have computer-related eye problems in the future.
  • This all begins with the mild discomfort in eyes while working on computers which are ignored and this discomfort is allowed to persist and is repeated over and over.
  • This mild discomfort, to begin with, is nothing but a warning sign. such early warning signs are often neglected by kids, parents also adults grown-ups like computer professionals.[Digital Eye Strain]
  • They continue to ignore this and eventually lands up with a major problem called computer vision syndrome/Digital eye strain.

Computer vision syndrome double vision

The warning signs which all the computer professionals must be aware are as follows-

1.  Blurred vision while working on computers/digital display

2.  Headaches while working on digital display

3.  Dryness of eyes while working on PC

4.  Redness of eyes while working on laptops

5.  Watering of eyes while working on tabs

6.  Double vision while working on mobiles

7.  Dizziness from sitting at computer screen

8. Nausea when focusing

9. Blurry vision on looking at computer screen

If a computer professional ignores this warning signs and continues to work, the resulting ill effects produced will not only harm his eyes but also it will decrease your productivity.

So these warning signs should not be ignored and a proper consultation from your eye care consultant and treatment for the same should be initiated immediately.[Digital Eye Strain]

Eye fatigue and proper positioning of computer monitor 

It is very important for one to realize and make sure that the monitor must be positioned slightly below the eye level and should not be very close to your eyes.[Digital Eye Strain]

Ideally the monitor should be placed at around 20 to 28 inches away from your eyes.

Close to this or further away from this will surely produce eyestrain,blurry vision on looking at computer screen,nausea when focusing and dizziness from sitting at computer screen over a period of time.

If a computer user has to work on a computer screen along with physical hard copy of a document then the best practice is to keep document holder, next to your screen.

This is a simple tip which most of the computer professionals either don’t know or they don’t practice, but not doing so over a period of time will produce eyestrain,blurry vision on looking at computer screen,nausea when focusing and dizziness from sitting at computer screen.

Because of repeatedly focusing & refocusing of our eyes at different distances for example if the document is placed on the table and the computer user has to repeatedly shift his focus from the computer screen to the document which is placed on the table

This is a common scene in computer industry ,the computer user is repeatedly moving his head up and down.

They are completely unaware of the continuous adjustments which our eye has to make.

Continuous focusing and refocusing at different distances leading  to eyestrain, eye fatigue, headache,blurry vision on looking at computer screen,eye discomfort,nausea when focusing and dizziness from sitting at computer screen.

This will harm your eyes and also lead to decreased productivity.

Continuous moments of your head from your computer screen to the document on table will eventually lead to neck pain and over a period of time can become serious and a permanent problem.

A simple stand holder or a document holder placed beside your screen can help you great deal.

This will  help in getting rid of all such problems .

Also it will make your work more enjoyable and comfortable.


Computer vision syndrome cure

Cure for computer vision syndrome : Digital Eye Strain cure

  • It is wise to be aware of this problem and take preventive steps.
  • So that you can safely continue your profession without becoming a victim of this troublesome disease.
  • Just taking few corrective measures by making changes in your daily routine.
  • Modify your working style and working posture will make a big difference in your productivity and creativity.
  • This will also decrease the risk for you falling prey to this disease.
  • It will help you to reverse the computer vision syndrome up to some extent.


Cure computer vision syndrome

Cure your computer vision syndrome/Digital eye strain by following these steps.

These are relief and prevention measures to keep your eyes healthy and safe from digital eye strain.

Can computer vision syndrome be cured

  • Yes! definitely computer vision syndrome/digital eye strain can be cured.
  • Symptoms of digital eye strain are not permanent.
  • The digital eye strain symptoms lasts till the aggravating cause persists.
  • Once you take care of the cause the computer vision syndrome can be reversed.
  • Most of the symptoms disappear, when you start taking corrective steps.
  • When the causes of computer vision syndrome are controlled and corrected,your digital eye strain goes away.
  • Here are the corrective step for computer vision syndrome relief and prevention.
  • Good posture.
  • Adequate and Proper lighting
  • Optimal,comfortable and proper temperature of the surroundings
  • Comfortable and proper brightness and contrast of your computer monitor
  • Use of anti-reflective coating eye wear –spectacles and computer screens
  • Proper and conscious frequent blinking
  • Avoid staring at computer screen
  • Periodic eye examination from eye care professional
  • Using proper spectacle prescription                                                                                      
  • Eye exercises
  • Taking frequent breaks rule of 20-20-20
  • Proper use of contact lenses.
  • Proper positioning of monitor height
  • Use of document holder for placing documents on a stand
  • Use of lubricating agents for your eyes after consulting your eye care doctor

Hopefully we have been successful in explaining the ways to avoid digital eye strain.

The instructions given in this guide are applicable for all, which includes kids, parents, freelancers, and computer professionals.[Digital Eye Strain]

This guide is our attempt to create public awareness.

Thus we want to spread the message to all computer users, in very simple language.

All this tips of eye care are very important and must be practiced.

Doing so it will help you all to keep eyes safe and healthy.

For more information on eye care you can visit our website, eye specialist doctor in Mumbai.

Here you can read numerous articles on health care, eye care, women’s health care, weight loss..etc.

We hope the extensive work which we have put in making this article has proved to be helpful to you.

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Digital Eye Strain/computer vision syndrome