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Eye strain

Eye strain is one of the most common eye problem in computer professionals, eye discomfort in students and in young population.Thanks to mobile phones and its harmful effects and all the digital devices being used by us.

Eye strain Causes,Treatment and Remedy

Eye strain treatment and remedy-In this easy and helpful guide, we shall learn everything about eye strain.Eye strain Treatment,remedy and every thing you always wanted to know about eyestrain.

Eye Strain Treatment-Do you want to know “the best treatment of eye strain and eye discomfort”. You are at the correct destination, read this article and you will understand everything about eye strain and eye discomfort.

Tips for Prevention of Eye strain

Also toward the end of this article we have explained about computer vision syndrome, and if you are a computer user or a computer

professional then make sure you read our cornerstone article –everything about “Computer Vision Syndrome-A detail guide to eye strain and digital strain in computer users,professionals and students.

Eye strain meaning

Eye Strain Treatment is a very vast topic, discussion of which begins from answering the very first question what is eye strain, what are the signs and symptoms and so on….

We shall discuss this article under following headings..

 What is Eye strain?

 What are the causes of Eye strain?

 What are the signs and symptoms of Eye strain?

 What is the treatment of Eye strain?

 What is computer vision syndrome ?

Before beginning, let me give you an example of a magnificent mechanics of vision. Here in this spiral image ,if you take a glance

you may not notice much ,but trust me your eye and your brain has seen every minute detail of this image ,each and every spiral here is meticulously seen at that glance ,precise depth and sharpness of all those spirals ,colors , and contrast ,it was all seen by your eye and registered In your brain ,and it was just a glance. Fraction of a second.so much work was already performed without any conscious effort from your side. “Without conscious effort” or without any eye strain , this is the key factor here.

Eye Strain Treatment

But if you were to make effort in doing the same task,if you were to make effort to focus to see the image clearly,if you were to make effort to see each and every minute spiral and that too without any double image or blurred vision ….this effort is called as Eye Strain.

 Eye strain meaning

Eye strain is a very vague set of complaints which a patient describes ranging from mild to moderate headache, eye fatigue, tiredness of eyes, burning of eyes, blurring of vision, watering of eyes, double vision, and at times facial and jaw pain, which is aggravated on visual task and gets relived with cessation of visual task.


What are the causes of eye strain?

The Optical system of our eye is made of

1.  Cornea

2.  Lens

3.  Iris

4.  Ciliary muscle

5.  Vitreous

6.  Retina

7.  Optic nerve

8.  Visual area of brain

Under normal healthy circumstances all the components of system work in harmony with each other, but under abnormal situations this harmonious relation is disturbed.One of the components starts getting overworked and the other components are not in the position to balance it. This disturbance and imbalance is called as eye strain.

It is usually the ciliary muscle which gets overworked in majority of the cases. Ciliary muscle is the one responsible for focusing of the image and this is achieved by continuous contraction & relaxation of this ciliary muscle, to maintain the steady focus.

The clear vision and visual focus which we all enjoy is all due to the meticulous working of this ciliary muscle . Thanks to nature which has gifted us this magnificent piece of mechanics, which works so beautifully and helps us to enjoy our vision with such precision.


Eye strain symptoms

  •   In majority of the cases, patients with eyestrain complaint about,
  • Heaviness eyes
  • Tiredness of eyes
  • Mild to moderate headache
  • Blurring of vision
  • Double vision
  • Watering of eyes
  • Discomfort of eyes
  • In very severe cases redness of eyes.

Eye strain treatment at home

The treatment of eye strain is directed towards the treatment of the cause, which is responsible for causing it.

Common causes of eye strain are

  • Eye glasses,
  • refractive error,
  • presbyopia-near vision glasses,
  • dry eyes,
  • computer vision syndrome and many more.
  • There is no-single treatment for the eyestrain.

Eye strain treatment glasses

First the eye care professional has to identify the factor which is causing eye strain, and the treatment of this causative factor will result in relieving the eyestrain.

Here the identification of this factor is very important.

Eye strain treatment eye drops

In this modern world, lot of patients read something on internet like,

  • some magical eye drops for eye strain or
  • some magical cure for eye discomfort,
  • secret cure for eye discomfort,
  • eye strain cure,
  • secret treatment of eye strain & eye discomfort  and the list is endless ,
  • which claims some magical remedies for eye strain ,but this will never help them as this bypasses the important step of basic eye examination and identification of the cause of eye strain .
  • Directly using some remedies which symptomatically gives temporary relief but will not work for long time or might not work at all, and in addition it carries the risk of aggravating the imbalance and eye strain  in future.

Eye strain treatment home remedy

So it is my request to all the readers not to believe in such remedies and not to waste time and money using them, it is always better to take professional help from your doctor ,discuss the matter and clarify all the concerns which are mentioned above ,and once identification of the cause is done then work for treating the cause.

In this modern world …one of the most important cause, which we deal with in our day to day practice is computer eye strain, digital eye strain or eye strain due to computers. And it is called as computer vision syndrome.

Eye strain treatment and symptoms

In one study it is found that 50 -90 % of the computer users and computer professional suffer from computer vision syndrome.

Digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome is a set of visual problems which are caused by excessive use of computers under abnormal settings. This leads to focusing problems and the image is disturbed and eventually leads to overworking of ciliary muscle causing eye strain and many other set of visual complaints.

The harmonious ways for using computers are already defined ,but computer users are not aware of this knowledge, and they continue to use computers under these abnormal conditions and eventually land up with computer eyestrain, digital eye strain or Computer Vision Syndrome.

To read further about computer vision syndrome, treatment of Computer Vision Syndrome

Please read our best and high ranking cornerstone article -“side effects of computer and smartphones on eyesComputer Vision Syndrome symptoms and treatment of computer vision syndrome in Mumbai,and visit our website-best eye clinic in goregaon mumbai.

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