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Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eyes treatment and latest treatment for dry eye syndrome.

Dr Manish Shyamkul eye doctor in Mumbai

Dry eyes treatment – 11 ways to relieve your dry eye syndrome

Today we are going to learn about how to cure dry eye.

Dry eyes

Our main focus throughout this article will remain on the most effective ways in which dry eyes can be treated.

Dry eyes symptoms and treatment

You are looking for home remedy treatment for dry eyes, or over the counter medication for dry eyes, or treatment for dry eyes after consulting your eye doctor we are going to discuss all of them.

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As we go further you will realize that article is an in-depth article on the treatment of dry eyes. The name of this article is to give you detailed knowledge about dry eyes and answer all the questions and doubts about dry eyes and treatment of dry eyes.

Either you are a patient of keratoconjunctivitis sicca or whether you are location of mild dry eyes or either you are a patient of chronic dry eyes…. Article will explain in detail time will be very much helpful all the patient suffering with drive.

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I am sure, you have been searching for treatment of dry eyes, then you probably know basics of dry eyes… And if not then I would encourage you follow the link and read about you always wanted to know about dry eyes.

So let’s begin with , treatment of dry eyes.

  • Artificial tears
  • Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Cyclosporine eye drops
  • Amniotic membrane treatment for chronic dry eyes
  • Punctal plugs for dry eyes treatment
  • Warm compresses for dry eyes treatment
  • Autologous serum eye drops
  • Scleral contact lens for dry eyes treatment
  • Surgical modalities of dry eye treatment
  • Buccal mucosa transplantation for dry eye treatment

The first and the foremost for the treatment of dry eyes are,

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best child eye doctor in Mumbai India

Eye drops for treatment of dry eyes

Artificial tears, Lubricating eye drops for dry eyes treatment

Artificial tears is actually a major component to all dry eye treatment management.so whether you have mild dry eyes or really severe chronic dry eyes if you read the dry eye workshop to the DEWS 2 report which is a major report of some of the brightest minds in all of eye care .

Reading the best research they kind of laid out the most modern treatment for diagnosis management of dry eyes and in that for mild to severe dry eyes, artificial tears is, all of those treatments.

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But the most important thing that you must remember is artificial tears are not going to cure your dry eyes. Artificial tears help you in providing comfort for your dry eyes.

Artificial tears help you in providing lubrication and stabilizing the surface of your eyes.

Treatment of eye dryness

So the main role of artificial lubricants is to protect the surface of your eyes. When the tears flow is reduced the surface of the eye is at risk of dryness and eventually cell damage.

When you go to the doctor for your eyes check up regarding dry eyes, your doctor performs a test for dry eyes using a yellow dye …

When this test is performed the damaged surface of the eye takes of the stain which appears as  minute dots on the surface of conjunctiva and cornea.

This minute dots are called as superficial punctate keratitis which is nothing but cell damage and also help in quantification of the severity of your dry eyes.

 More the number of superficial punctate keratitis and more the surface of the sector involvement punctate keratitis more severe is your dry eyes.

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Normally the surface of the eye is smooth doubt any superficial punctate keratitis this means that the clear flow is happening normally over the surface of your eyes.
When the superficial punctate keratitis develop damage which occurs because of lack of spread of tears eventually results in cell damage and produces symptoms of dry eyes.
Using artificial tears comfort and also reduce the cell damage which is occurring because of dryness and that is how artificial tears work.

So whenever you are a doctor has advised you for using artificial tears for the treatment of dry eyes you must the medication as advised by the doctor this will definitely help you in giving comfort for your dry eyes and reduce the cell damage that is occurring because of the dryness of Eyes.
But when the inflammation of the eyes has set in.. Using only artificial tears may not suffice.

You will need to use medication to take care of the inflammation also. This is what brings us to second modality of treatment  of dry eyes.

But one important thing which I would like to mention here is that, long term use of artificial tears  produce some kind of allergic reactions and toxicity because of the presence of the preservatives present in artificial tears.
So most of the times doctors would advise you to use preservative free artificial tear eye drops when the frequency of installation of artificial tears is more.

Omega 3 fatty acids for dry eyes treatment

Omega 3 fatty acids are very good anti inflammatory agents and reduce the inflammation and thereby helps in the management of dry eyes. Omega 3 fatty acids when used along with the artificial tears for the management of dry eyes are highly beneficial.
There are varieties of Omega 3 fatty acids which are available and also different uses of Omega 3 fatty acids are used by the doctors for the treatment of dry eyes.

It is best to consult your eye doctor and talk about any possible complications of omega 3 fatty acid before you take any of the supplements like Omega 3 fatty acid.

Cyclosporine eye drops for dry eyes treatment

Cyclosporine eye drops – These are basically the anti inflammatory eye drops which work very beautifully. The only drawback of this is that they are very expensive and also one has to for 3 to 6 months before any beneficial visible effects appear.

4. New modalities of treatment for the treatment of dry eyes are discussed below.

Latest treatment for dry eye syndrome

5. Amniotic membrane treatment for chronic dry eyes

6. Punctal plugs for dry eyes treatment

These are the plans which are the made of collagen artificial material which basically blocks the passage of tears from your eyes into the nasal cavity.

Thereby helps in the retention of tears in your eyes so that whatever amount of Tears which are present in your eyes will be retained and it will help in keeping your eyes moist.

Two types of available one a temporary and the other a permanent.
So the punctual plugs are made up of either porcine  or bovine tissue called collagen which usually dissolves within a week or two.

This temporary plugs gives us the opportunity to understand whether this kind of treatment is really working for your eyes or not .Once the beneficial effects are confirm than they are later replaced by silicone eye plugs for producing long lasting effects.

So much about eye drops. But importance of warm compresses hot fomentation cannot be underestimated.

Dry eyes treatment at home

7. Warm compresses for dry eyes treatment

Warm compresses is one of the most important mortality of treatment given to almost all the patient of dry eyes.
Warm compresses helps in the plugs send is of the meibomian glands thereby allowing the secretions come out in the eye.
Warm compresses along with gentle  massage on your eyelids works beautifully..

Warm compresses meltdown the plug and also help in liquification of the solidified content of the meibomian glands and eye lids massage helps in pushing off the content out of the meibomian glands on to the surface of the eyes. 

8 . Autologous serum eye drops for dry eyes treatment

Autologous serum eye drops is one of the very good methodologies of treatment, in which eye drops are prepared using your own blood. Separated serum is used as an eye drop important and various other healing properties.

So it is your own blood which is used eye drops in the form of autologous serum eye drops helps not only in reducing the inflammation but also helps in repair of the damage cells. Modality of treatment is used only in cases of very severe dry eyes when everything else has been already used.

9. Scleral contact lens for dry eyes treatment

Scleral contact lens are really large contact lenses also used in the management of keratoconus. They appear as a huge bone scenes and covers all the cornea it is like your eye kind of baths in the fluid filled inside the scleral contact lenses.

The idea and aim  of this article is patient education and the information here should not be used any individual for the treatment of his or her dry eyes.

Dry eyes symptoms and treatment

Consult an eye doctor and discuss all the treatment modalities in detail. Your eye doctor is the best judge for choosing the mortality of treatment after thoroughly examining your eyes.
Every patient is different each and every die is different most of the patient respond differently two different modalities of treatment. Depending on what kind of drye ye you are suffering from your eye doctor will prescribe the best medication for the treatment of your dry eyes.

In very severe cases ….

10. Surgical modalities of dry eye treatment are used as mentioned below,

Eye surgery for dry eyes

11. Buccal mucosa transplantation for dry eye treatment

Here, in this surgical modality of treating dry eyes , the buccal mucosa which is present in your mouth is transplanted in the eyes so that the eye can gain some moisture and secretion from the buccal mucosa.

This kind of  surgical  modality of treatement is used only when all other conservative means of management of dry eyes are exhausted.

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Mostly all patient do well with the conservative line of management , only patient has to understand the gravity and the nature of the disease and should have reasonable expectations from the treatement of dry eyes and must use the eye drops as prescribed by eye specialist doctor.

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