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Dr Manish Shyamkul Eye doctor & Child Eye Specialist in Mumbai

Eye care at its best.Dr Manish Shyamkul Pediatric ophthalmologist & Eye Specialist Doctor in Mumbai at Latika child Eye care clinic goregaon west, LATIKA Children Eye Clinic & Squint Clinic (Latika Eye & Maternity Specialty Clinic.).Certified & trained pediatric eye specialist for eye problems in newborn,infants,babies,toddlers,kids,children & adults.Authored multiple books published on amazon & a passionate meditation teacher. Other than clinic hours,we are also open 24 hrs for emergency eye problems.
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 Neuro-Ophthalmologist in goregaon,Mumbai

NEURO-ophthalmologist in mumbai-Latika Eye and Maternity specialty Clinic-Goregaon west,MumbaiNeuro-Ophthalmologist in Mumbai

Neuro-ophthalmologist in goregaon Mumbai,Dr.Manish.Shyamkul is a neuro-ophthalmologist who is Certified & Trained at L.V.P.E.I.(HYD).He is highly skilled and is working at Latika Eye and Maternity Specialty Clinic,goregaon,Mumbai,and has experience of more than 10 yrs.

This is an health-education and informative article where,we focus on the super-specialty called Neuro-ophthalmology.Here we also focus on the type of work and kind of diseases, a neuro-ophthalmologist deals with.

Neuro-Ophthalmology is a sub- specialty of ophthalmology which deals with problems in brain and nerves which has an impact on vision and other eye functions producing visual dysfunctions of varying grades.

The eye is  not an independent system and cannot work in isolation but it is a part of the system called body.Hence any disease process affecting any part of body may or may not affect  the functioning of the eye system leading to visual impairment and disturbances.These problems  are primarily caused due to affection of brain(nervous-system),the nerves extending from brain to eyes,or the nerves in the eyes it-self.Any disease affecting the pathway is capable of producing mild decreased vision to complete blindness.

Any disease process occurring in any part of the body is capable of producing effect in the brain ,nerves,and nerves inside eyes,either via direct extension of the disease process,via blood ,via harmonal changes,or via diseased or damaged blood vessels or traumatic nerve injuries.

Neuro-ophthalmologist is a super-specialist who is trained to deal with such disorders,investigate,diagnose,manage & treatment  of such disorders with the help of Neurologist or Neuro-surgeon.

Most of the time these features are the presenting complaints of illness which have not yet manifested completely. When such presenting complaints are detected and diagnosed earlier major catastrophic event or diseases can be picked up earlier and treated, so that vast damage can be avoided. Neuro- ophthalmologist primarily deals with such events and conditions.NEURO-ophthalmologist in mumbai-Latika Eye and Maternity specialty Clinic-Goregaon west,Mumbai IMAGE 22

Neuro- ophthalmologist is a super-specialist who is trained to identify such events earlier, diagnose, and takes proper steps so that primary root cause of the disease can be treated. Time is the most important factor when dealing with the nervous system as the neurological function are very delicate and very much susceptible to damage and most of the times this damage is irreversible or partially recoverable.

Neuro-ophthalmologist also aids neurologists and neurosurgeons when dealing with chronic brain problems and monitors visual functions and optic nerve status in long-term follow-ups.

 Presenting Complaints in Neuro-ophthalmology

1. Double vision
2. Squint or strabismus
3. Decreased vision
4. Unexplained visual loss5. Defective visual field
6. Nystagmus- also called as dancing eyes
7. Headtilt
8. Face turn
9. Seizures
10. Headaches and giddiness etc..

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