Pollution Effect on Human Health

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Pollution Effect on Human Health

Pollution-effect on human health – Do you think we all really understand the meaning of this phrase,or do you think that the picture shown to us by media,and the governing bodies is really the true picture.

What is meaning of pollution?

Pollution meaning – The presence in or introduction into the environment of a substance which has harmful or poisonous effects.

What are the different types of pollution?

pollution is of many different types,but the most important which concern human health are,
Air pollution, Water pollution and Noise pollution.

Are you aware that there are lots of classified information which we are not aware of,as it was never told to us,it was probably kept hidden from us.

Pollution Effect on Human Health

Lets get our concepts right,even before diving in to “Pollution effect on human health” lets try to understand this bad boy called pollution.

Pollution meaning

Pollution-we all have come across this word numerous times ,at present experiencing it and also seeing its ill effects on human body. But this word is very vaguely understood by us and also is explained only partially in schools and institutions and lastly very wrongly interpreted by us.

Pollution definition

  • Pollution definition – pollution meaning is still not very clear to most of us.
  • Let’s first understand the meaning of pollution and the definition of pollution. Simple definition of pollution, is the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment which cause adverse change.

Main types of pollution

Types of water pollution

Water pollution come from varied sources like

  • surface water,
  • groundwater,
  • microbiological,
  • oxygen depletion,
  • nutrient,
  • suspended matter, and
  • chemical.

In this air pollution article, we shall discuss about -air pollution definition, air pollution effects, air pollution facts, air pollution causes, air pollution in India, air pollution in china, air pollution in united states, air pollution in japan, air pollution in Singapore, air pollution and health effects, air pollution deaths shall be discussed in subsequent articles.

Now a day you must also have come across news words like Smog, Smoke, and Air-pollution. In a small survey it was came to light that, population understands these words as synonyms. But in reality they are different entities of the big picture called effects of pollution on human body.

Pollution effect on human health

The effects produced by pollution on human health is devastating, unfortunately the effects of this air pollution and health effects have just begin and the full blown effect of this pollution and human health will be seen in future. At present the population is only aware of this concept partially, as the correct information regarding the severity of it is never published.

Once this is done I can only imagine the wide-spread restlessness the respective governing bodies will have to face and will have no answers for concealing such information and not warning the population about the consequences and ill effects which this pollution is creating on human body.

when we say human body…we all mean a healthy human body in its youth, this is a picture which is created in our mind by this word “human body” .

But we fail to get the complete picture which includes old age, sickness, pregnant mothers, infants, children, adolescent, youth, elderly, all those individuals who are suffering from some kind of illness like heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease, respiratory disease-like asthma, blood diseases, other infections long term and short term, curable and non-curable.

This is a big picture of a small word called human body, and now let’s look at yet another bigger picture called “pollution effects on human health”.
This article we shall discuss about pollution effect on human health but in relation to air we breathe. Water pollution causes and effects, Water pollution effects on human health and Air pollution deaths we shall discuss in next article.
Moving further let us try to understand  correctly the meaning of words like Smoke, Smog and Air pollution.

Air pollution effect on human health

Smoke is mixture of solid

particulate, liquid and gases. This mixture is what is emitted from vehicles, home appliances, construction sites, factories, and various industries in the form of fire and combustion products.

Certain gases are the most dreadful ones like-carbon mono-oxide and hydrogen-cyanide. Smoke is generally referred as particles in visible spectrum of human eye, but we have something more to it, there are invisible particles also which also is equally harmful. So if you ever consider your surroundings are clean, healthy & smoke free, you are wrong.

Pollution effect on human health – Air pollution

Smog– it is a type of air pollutant. This factor consists of ozone, Sulphur oxide, and nitrogen oxide, smoke and dirt particles. Major sources are from vehicles, industries, agricultural fires, forest fires, and photo chemical reactions of these gases.

Smog is one of the major factors which is most dreadful and has lots of serious ill effects on health, pregnant mothers, premature babies, infants, and health of the general population.


Pollution damaging Human Body Systems

Air pollution-this is nothing but all the foreign matter which is introduced in to air or in to the earth’s atmosphere.

The major constituents are ozone, Sulfur oxide, and nitrogen oxide, smoke, carbon mono-oxide, hydrogen cyanide, volatile gases, free oxygen-radicles, toxic metals-lead, mercury, fumes-ammonia, radio-active pollutants, and dirt particles.

Major ill effects of pollution on human health

  1.  Central Nervous System-free oxygen radicles damaging brain cells leading to autism schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease.
  2. Cancer
  3. Lung disease
  4. Increase in mortality
  5. Effect on eyes due to pollution.

So as we have seen “effects of pollution on human health” is not just an entity which can be taken for granted but a big hidden picture of smog and smoke which needs immediate consideration as with every breath inhaled the effects are accumulating,and the harm done is irreversible.

The effects of this dreaded factor is continuously increasing and our future generations are the ones who will be affected the most.

Urgent and drastic measures must be taken by the governing bodies to deal with such a major issue, which not only has a direct impact on human heath, but indirectly affecting the future generations also.

The future world as shown in Hollywood movies is not far from reality.

if strict majors are not taken by the governing bodies at least for,controlling the existing situation,disaster is not far.

If authorities and us as citizens of this earth, still remain status-quo and let the destruction of our health and the health of future generation will continue until the day when we all will have nothing but the sickness,grief,poverty and above all, questionable existence for you and me,and the entire human race.

Our future generations will have to pay a very heavy price for the ignorance and mistakes committed by governing bodies.Such is the saga of “Pollution-Effect on Human Health”.

Pollution Effect on Human Health – let us get aware of this massive problem called as “Pollution Effect on Human Health” and take necessary steps,so that we can collectively stop further worsening of the situation and worst ,serious Pollution Effect on Human Health.

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