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# Quotes of Buddha About Life # Article-1

# Quotes of Buddha About Life # Article-1

# Quotes of Buddha About Life # Article-1

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QUOTES OF BUDDHA ABOUT LIFE-Internet is flooded with this topic-quotes of Buddha about life, numerous blogs and millions of quotes of Buddha with images, are available on internet today. This is also yet another article dealing with the same topic, but here in this article you will notice, a small difference, which will be very much evident as you read further. Here, in this blog we shall discuss about Buddha and the teachings of Buddha, but it is not only a discussion, here we try to offer you, the learning meditation ,experience life, & in depth understanding about meditation and mindfulness, at least this is our aim.

This is one of our multiple platforms for discussion, and other social platforms are google plus (meditation), our web site-, Pinterest (account recently opened) & Facebook.

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The idea remains the same, that is spreading “awareness “about, the matrix called “life” as we know it and have been living it until present date.

In case, if you are also interested you are welcome to join any of these platform, links are given here,

On all these platforms, which ever it may be we have many members from all around the globe-specially on google plus, who are compassionate and very helpful to us, they devote their precious time and dedicatedly answer to all our queries, on the topic of discussion.

These discussions are always kept informative, educational and are full of energetic learning experience, lastly not to mention all the members and the visitors leave their ego before entering our discussion, so that we are all able to discuss any queries right from basic to advance.

We are sharing, learning and understanding together and from each other,  to get maximum understanding of Buddha and teachings of Buddha.quotes of buddha about life article 1,ilatika eye and maternity specialy clinic goregaon west,image 4

One thing you all must have observed about Buddha and the teachings of Buddha is that all the teachings of Buddha are very simple and explained in very lucid language, with simple daily life examples, easy to understand vocabulary, and it is this simplicity of reading, explaining, understanding and perceiving, is what makes Buddha a “true-teacher” and that is the only reason, teachings of Buddha are also considered as the ultimate teachings for mankind, filled with love, compassion, clarity of mind  and matter.

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  •  “The Meaning Of Life” – Mind Over Matter.
  •   “Meditations and Beyond”-One page a day towards Stress-Free,Mindful,Meaningful Life.(includes truth about depression)
  • # Meditation For Healing #

Quotes and teachings of buddha, at times appears to be very simple, and at times we even take them for granted. We read those three or four lines of a quote, presented to us in some posts on social media and quickly we proceed to the next one, but in doing so we forget reading a quote is not equal to knowing a quote and definitely, it is not equal to understanding a quote, and even understanding a quote does not mean we have realized it. Realization is the key here. we usually read those precious quotes, just like any other four lines of a novel and as a result, the hidden knowledge always remains untouched. We read the message in that quote but fail to realize it, understand it and never even try apply it, in our life.

Do you really think the teachings of buddha were meant only for reading or they were meant for bringing change in our life? We always read but fail to understand it, and apply it. Doing so,it will never produces any change in our behavior, and in our way of thinking.

quotes of buddha about life article 1,latika eye and maternity specialy clinic goregaon west,image 3

If this was to continue …we might spend all of our life time simply reading and rejoicing quotes of Buddha, but  will not change anything, and most importantly it will not change our own self.

Does it mean, we are reading these quotes half-hardheartedly? If yes, then one should stop reading them because if you are not realizing it and applying it in your life then you are simply wasting your time reading, and if you wish to read them, then might as well take full benefit from the teachings.

One most important point which needs to be focused here is that , it is not the knowledge or information about these quotes of Buddha and the teachings of Buddha, that is going to help us, but it the “realization of this information” and the realization of this knowledge, is  what matters the most and it is this realization which will act as a guide in our journey of life and self-realization.

If one has not yet understood the importance of realization & awareness, or is not yet convinced about the importance of “realization”, please stop reading further any kind of quotes of Buddha or blogs, and try to concentrate on the basics of “realization and awareness” which can be achieved by a process called as “Meditation”.

quotes of buddha about life article 1,ilatika eye and maternity specialy clinic goregaon west,image 4Also one will never understand “Meditation” by simply reading related material, or by gathering information. Visiting holy places, reading self help book,  discussing quotes of Buddha on internet or  by joining Expensive Meditation Classes, all these ways are nothing but alternative means of making money, and fooling other fellow beings, just to extract cash from them.It has become a money minting business in today’s world, where in the instructor himself doesn’t know anything but claims to be teaching others about “Meditation”.

Meditation is an extremely important step or probably the only step ,but unfortunately it is always ignored or skipped by many individuals. Meditation  is a very crucial step, which is capable of making you “realize” a  information.

Once you realize a information , this information becomes a part of you, you become one with this information, or you yourself become information.  In other words the observer and the object becomes one and that is how you realize the object ,by becoming one with it.

THE above lines,which i just mentioned might sound very difficult to comprehend , but such will not be the case once you start meditating.

It will be extremely difficult to realize,or might be impossible to realize,for those who are not doing meditation or who are meditating in the wrong way.

As we continue meditating in the proper correct manner, all false concepts of our own mind begin to dissolve, as if they never existed and when you are free from your own concepts, one experiences  a true sense of freedom, which is nothing but freedom from our own minds game.quotes of buddha about life article 1,ilatika eye and maternity specialy clinic goregaon west,image 3

Such is the wonder of meditation which helps in simplifying our understanding and helps us to get rid of all false concepts like “Me, Mine, My, & I,”. When they dissolve, what remains behind is pure knowledge, which is nothing but the teachings of Buddha.

If you are interested to read further and learn with us, you are welcome to join us in our journey of spreading awareness.

Also from our next article on wards, we shall discuss about quotes of Buddha, one quote per article shall be discussed, so as to benefit all fellow beings to perceive each and every quote with clear understanding and purity.

Follow us in our next article-# QUOTES OF BUDDHA ABOUT LIFE # Article – 2.

Thank you for your time and attention.

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# Quotes of Buddha About Life # Article-1
QUOTES OF BUDDHA ABOUT LIFE-in this series of article we discuss not only the quotes but the thinking process which is responsible for the misunderstanding.
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