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Children’s Eye Specialist Mumbai

Children’s Eye Specialist is also known as Pediatric-ophthalmologist and it  is a branch of ophthalmology which deals specifically with children’s eye problems,investigations,diagnosis,management,treatment and surgery.

It is a relatively new super-specialty which has evolved and continues to do so as our understanding about development of human eye and brain development is increasing.Thank’s  to the latest and modern research and development  in the same field which has been greatly facilitated by the new,latest and modern digital equipment’s and latest development in imaging which not only is anatomically perfect in visualization but now  we understand the functional aspect also. As our knowledge continues to grow,our understanding about developmental and developmental diseases is enhancing and so is the investigation and treatment which are focused towards the same.

This has helped us not only in understanding the developmental,functional aspect but also now we use this knowledge to modify the disease process so that the obstacle itself works in our favor,so that the treatment and management can be benefited.:”Occlusion therapy” also called as “patching exercises” is one such kind of example,which is so beautifully designed and on the basis if studies and research ,this therapy was made as a treatment modality for cases of Amblyopia. It is a beautiful example and state of the art creative thinking backed by research ,studies,and evidence based medicine.wonderful indeed ,such is the world of pediatric -ophthalmologist ,also called as children’s eye specialist.Unfortunately we might not have treatment of the disease known or unknown to us,but definitely we always have a way to make life comfortable as much s possible so that the misery of disease for child or our patients is reduced.

Still lot of research is  going on ,number of studies are on its course,numerous medicines are about to come,new investigation modalities and latest laser instrumentation are on its way to make a bench mark,which will change the course of the disease,such is the wonderful world of hi-tech gadgets and equipment’s and instruments which has made the process clear and continues to evolve everyday. The Research, new technology,hi-tech tools and advanced clinical knowledge has helped this super-specialty to evolve, understand, diagnose and treat the eye problems in non-verbal infants and children even when they are not able to communicate about their eye problems.


Most of the common children eye problems faced in this sub-specialty are;

1. Glasses, spectacles, refractive errors
2. Lazy eye
3. Squint also called as Cock eyes or strabismus
4. Pediatric eyelid problems, for example-ptosis
5. Sticky discharge- membranous conjunctivitis
6. Redness with pain and discharge in eyes-dacryocystitis
7. Eye trauma, injury to eye
8. Decreased vision
9. Watering since birth
10. Watering of recent origin
11. Retinopathy of pre-maturity
12. Itchy eyes

Pediatric ophthalmologist -Children’s Eye Specialist is a super-specialist who is trained ,skilled,and certified to deal with such children’s eye problems.To read more about pediatric-ophthalmologist,his training and qualifications please click here CHILDREN’S EYES SPECIALIST IN GOREGAON WEST MUMBAI..

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Children's Eye Specialist,Pediatric Ophthalmologist,Squint Expert,Lazy-Eye Specialist,Neuro-ophthalmologist,Cataract & Total Eye Care
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Goregaon west,Mumbai,Maharashtra,INDIA
Children's Eye Specialist also called as Pediatric-Ophthalmologist is a super-specialist doctor who has necessary skill, qualification, training, Fellow-ship from world renowned Eye Institute,and is Certified for the task of investigations,diagnosis,treatment,management and to perform necessary surgical or non surgical procedures in cases of Children's Eye Diseases.Learn more ....

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Latika Eye And Maternity Specialty Clinic is a super-specialty facility specialized in Children's Eye Care,Neuro-ophthalmology,Total Eye Care,Gynecology,Maternity,Infertility,Laparoscopic surgeries,and Family -Planning services.We are located at goregaon west,Mumbai,INDIA. Apart from our Specialized Health Care Services we are also having Meditation classes,Gardening classes,and many other activities dedicated for community service.

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