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Children’s Eye Specialist in goregaon,Mumbai

Pediatric ophthalmology

Children’s Eye-Specialist goregaon Mumbai,Kids-Eye Doctor,Pediatric-Ophthalmologyeye doctor goregaon gynecologist goregaonLatika Eye specialty clinic And Maternity specialty Clinic goregaon desc-Eye Clinic in goregaon west,Gynecologist in goregaon west,Squint Specialist in goregaon west,Children's Eye Specialist in goregaon west,Neuro-ophthalmologist in goregaon ,Latika Eye and Maternity clinic goregaon west is a branch of ophthalmology which deals specifically with children eye problems and surgery. Children’s Eye Specialist Doctor & Squint-Expert,Mumbai, Goregaon

It is a relatively new sub-specialty which has evolved and developed specifically to deal with children’s eye problems.This specialty has been developed and continues  to grow till present date and in future with the help of  research, new technology and tools and advanced clinical knowledge which helps this specialty to understand, diagnose and to treat the eye problem of new-born,infants,kids, & children even when the infants and babies are not able to talk about eye problems they are suffering from. Training of  this specialty is difficult as there are very few super-specialty institutions in INDIA who are equipped with training facility, course and infrastructure.

To become pediatric-ophthalmologist, a doctor has to be M.B.B.S, (M.S) in ophthalmology,after which he has to acquire a pediatric -ophthalmology fellow-ship ,which is a approximate 2 yr course from a reputed eye institute,during this course he is trained to deal  with children’s eye problems,infants and  pre-mature babies eye problems.Also he is refined in his diagnosis ,investgations and management of children’s eye diseases and children’s eye problems.

Children’s Eye Diseases & Problem’s

Most of the common children eye problems faced in this sub-specialty are;

1. Glasses, spectacles, reflective errors
2. Lazy eye in children and adults
3. Squint also called as Cock eyes or strabismus
4. Pediatric eyelid problems, for example-ptosis
5. Sticky discharge- membranous conjunctivitis
6. Redness with pain and discharge in eyes-dacryocystitis
7. Eye trauma, injury to eye
8. Decreased vision in children
9. Watering since birth-congenital (from birth) Naso-Lacrimal Duct Obstruction
10. Watering of recent origin
11. Retinopathy of pre-maturity
12. Itchy eyes,

13. Nystagmus

14. Small eye since birth

15. Eye problems since birth

16. Foreign-body in eye

17. Spectacles-Eye glasses in kids

18. Esotropia

19. Exotropia

20. Accommodative-Esotropia

21. Allergic -conjunctivitis

22. Allergic-Eye-Diseases


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Children's Eye Specialist Clinic & Squint Clinic ,Neuro-Ophthalmologist, Lazy-eye specialist, Squint expert in goregaon, Mumbai,INDIA.
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Children's Eye Specialist Clinic & Squint Clinic ,Neuro-Ophthalmologist, Lazy-eye specialist, Squint expert in goregaon, Mumbai,INDIA.
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