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#Carrots can give you Eagle-vision#

#Carrots can give you Eagle-vision#

#Carrot Facts:Nutritional vitamin.A Carrot recipes for Eagle-eyesight#

carrots can give you eagle vision,Latika Eye and Maternity specialty Clinic-Goregaon west,MumbaiCarrot nutrition for good eagle-eyesight- do you want to have very good eyesight,or are you suffering from eye sight related eye vision problems,and want to learn about it.then this article is a treat for you.

we recommend you to first read our article – nutrition benefits of carrots and carrots juice,  and then come back to read the current article.this will help you to learn the health benefits of carrots ,and  then it is a good idea to proceed further and talk about the specific issue of  good eye sight.

welcome back,i hope you have read the health benefits of carrots and carrots juice,  article and now we are ready to dive deep in the specific topic of eye-sight and carrots.

Glazed Carrot recipes, glazed carrots honey,Carrots crock pot soup,Carrots improve vision,Carrots magical food for eyes, and like this  numerous blogs are available on internet today,probably many of us believe it,or have started believing it,and that’s why internet is flooded with such information.

But having information is not enough,what matters is having correct information,carrot facts!!!.Such is the aim of this article, analyzing,the truth”Carrot facts”, & “Carrot the wonder food for eagles-eye-sight-vision and nightvision”.

Consuming Carrots, will that decrease my spectacle (glass) power ?

Carrots contain good amount of carotenoids,vit.A,which is very important for the optimum functioning of our body.- this is a fact about carrot!

Nutritional vitamin.A is definitely good for the survival and functioning of the ocular system. Minimum essential recommended content of vit. A   in our diet is mandatory and keeps us away from symptoms of vitamin A deficiency. Role of vitamin A in our body is very much limited to maintain the optimum functioning of the system. But having excess of vitamin A leads to a situation called as hypervitaminosis  A. Which is not only stressful but also has detrimental effects on our body and nervous system.-this is a fact about carrot.

So anything in “excess” is definitely not good for the optimum functioning of the human body.carrot can give you eagle vision,Latika Eye and Maternity specialty Clinic-Goregaon west,Mumbai image (4) As far as glass power also called as refractive error in our medical language is concerned, is more of a genetic and developmental phenomenon. Visual system responds to vit.A, Only when child is suffering from vitamin A deficiency. But when there is no vitamin A deficiency then having excess of vitamin A will not produce any changes in the functioning of visual system. And hence very common question and a MYTH, that consuming   carrots and vitamin A and Green leaf vegetables will lead to a decrease in glass power. This is a very common question which we encounter in our pediatric ophthalmology practice,” Doctor, my child eats green leafy vegetables and fruits and specially carrots and still why my child has got glass power or my child is consuming good amounts of carrots but still why my child’s glass power is still increasing?carrot can give you eagle vision,Latika Eye and Maternity specialty Clinic-Goregaon west,Mumbai

Amazingly Unbelievable but a carrot fact!!!-And in simple words our answer is “vitamin A and carrots are good for the development of your body and for the nourishment of your body and ocular system but having this does not mean that the glass power will reduce when the cause of visual deficit is not vitamin A deficiency”. It definitely leads to a decrease in the quality of vision because vitamin A deficiency definitely affects the functioning of RETINA and plays a major role in the health of cornea and ocular surface. When the cause of vision deficit or the quality of vision is due to above-mentioned factors role of vitamin A is definitely of prime importance. But when in case of the child where the cause of the refractive error is either developmental or genetic in nature, will remain unaffected even when the child is consuming good amounts or excess amounts of vitamin A. So treatment of the cause is essential in the management of the disease and hence where the cause is not vitamin A deficiency, having vitamin A diet or vitamin A excess diet will fail to produce any effect on the refractive status of the child where vitamin A was never the cause to begin with.carrot can give you eagle vision,Latika Eye and Maternity specialty Clinic-Goregaon west,Mumbai image

As a pediatric ophthalmologist we always encourage kids to consume good amounts of leafy vegetables in their diet and also sufficient quantity of fruits, which are essential and a key step in the development of our organ systems and bodily functions. When our body is growing or also called as developmental phase the metabolic requirements and the nutritional requirements of our body is very high and when it is provided with the proper levels which are recommended and are considered as normal levels of vitamin and lot of other factors, it produces an environment which is conducive for the proper growth and encouragement of proper development. But that does not mean that it can rectify any of the genetic or developmental problems and hence, the expectation of decrease in the glass power or refractive error merely by consuming vitamin A, has got no basis. It will only create an environment of the proper growth and functioning of the body systems but can never treat or modify refractive error where the cause itself is genetic or developmental in nature and not nutritional.-hopefully after reading these carrot facts you must have understood the nutritional vitamin A’s eagle eyesight’s myth.

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#Carrot Facts : Nutritional vitamin.A Carrot recipes for Eagle-eyesight#
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#Carrot Facts : Nutritional vitamin.A Carrot recipes for Eagle-eyesight#
Amazingly unbelievable secret world of "Carrot Facts : Nutritional vitamin.A carrot recipes for Eagle-eyesight". Do you want the truth about carrot facts,....
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