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#6 Tips for Healthy Eyes#

#6 Tips for Healthy Eyes#

Tips for Eyes-Health-improve your Eye Health

Tips for healthy eyes -This is a continuation of our first article on eye health.If you have not read ,we recommend you to also read the following articles,so that you get all the answers of frequently asked questions and hopefully will help in getting the maximal optimal eye health and will also help to improve your eye health.

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TIPS FOR HEALTHY EYES -Latika Eye and Maternity specialty Clinic-Goregaon west,Mumbai

  • Do no use any kind of home remedies, or home made preparations in your eye.
  • Any kind of such act will only result in further complication and worsening of your situation.
  • Do not engage in any kind of such experimentation with your eyes.
  • Even after using such home made preparations you still visit your eye doctor,than why do you want complicate your existing situation and later consult your eye doctor.
  • In any kind of eye problem,please consult your eye doctor and take proper treatment as prescribed by your eye doctor.
  • If you plan to use contact lens ,please consult your eye health specialist,eye doctor and confirm weather your eyes are healthy enough to use contact lens.weather you have any other eye surface-ocular surface related issues,or diseases like dry eyes which gets aggravated and may lead to serious consequences over period of time.
  • Such complication do not occur immediately ,and hence usually patients continue to wear contact lens and at later point of time in life such consequences begin to manifest, but unfortunately till that time harm is already done,and most of time it is irreversible.
  • So please do not take contact lens for granted….specially if you are a beginner and you will also have to confirm weather fitting of contact lens is optimal,an ill fitting contact lens will do serious damage and harm your cornea…and can permanently lead to corneal scar,or corneal edema and very seriously compromise the state of eye health,leading to visual disturbance and severe infections which could be bacterial ,fungus or might be related to contact lens cleaning and hygiene and may lead to  Acanthamoeba keratitis which is a dreadful eye health condition.
  • If you are a contact lens user, please immediately stop use of contact lens if any of following situation arises,

1. Red eyes

2. Watering

3. Itching

4. Swelling

5. Discharge

6. Foreign body sensation in eyes.

7. Injury to eyes

8. Any kind of accidental chemical splash on eyes

9. Conjunctivitis

10. Irritation of eyes

11. Any kind of discomfort with contact lens use.

In such situation immediate discontinuation of contact lens is advisable and take consultation of your eye doctor.Hope these # 6 Tips for Healthy Eyes # Latika Eye and Maternity specialty Clinic,Mumbai was helpful to you and must have given you insight for eye health improvement.

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#6 Tips for Healthy Eyes#
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#6 Tips for Healthy Eyes#
Eyes are delicate and also very vital sensory organ which requires proper care ,so that we can have healthy eyes and remain disease free as eye in future also. Internet is loaded with false information, myths,and maddening experimentation on eyes, stop such practices immediately.Such things will never provide any benefit to your eyes,and on the contrary may prove harmful.This article series is published in favor of public information,awareness, and education.
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