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#15 Tips for Eye Care -“conjunctivitis,red eyes,pink eyes”

#15 Tips for Eye Care -“conjunctivitis,red eyes,pink eyes”

# Tips for Eye Health #-“improve your eye health,eye-sight and precautions for conjunctivitis,red eyes,pink eyes”

Eye health , improve eye health and eye sight , and how to take care of eyes during disease like conjunctivitis,red eyes…topics like these are discussed in this series of articles . so do read  our subsequent articles in this series.

eye care tips-conjunctivitis-.Latika Eye and Maternity specialty Clinic-Goregaon west,Mumbai

 Eye Health:Tips  for patients of conjunctivitis, red eyes, sore eyes,

1. Patient should not touch their eyes,as conjunctivitis spreads by -touch or it is very important for patients not to touch their eye,or after touching eyes they should wash hands with soap and water and dry hands with clean towel,or else unknowingly they land up spreading the infection to all the family members.

2. Patient should avoid going to school or in public places during the invective phase of the disease,as they might spread the disease in public institutions where in crowd gets exposed to infection and there is always a danger of wide-spread of disease in community.

3. Patient should use a separate towel,and not share any thing during the infective-phase .

4. Family members should always wash their hands with soap and water after instilling drops in the patient’s eyes.

5. Family members should also avoid touching their eyes.

6. Over-the-counter medication should not be used.

7. Medication not prescribed by doctors should not be used.

8. Home-made preparation should not be used.

9. Milk, rose-water, turmeric water, honey, juice etc should never be used in the eyes.

10. Contact lens should not be used during the period of infection.

11. Cosmetic should not be used , during the period of infection.

12. Children should not be allowed to go to school and in public places during infection and should be made to stay at home.

13. Any kind of self-medication should not be done .

14. Always consult your eye doctor as early as possible.

15.Read more about eye health and eye care tips -topics like these are discussed in this series of articles on eye health. so do read  subsequent articles in this series.

If you have any queries or suggestions about eye health ,please leave a comment in the comment box below,and we  will reply as soon as possible.for more articles on eye health, please visit our website.eye health , improve your eyesight-eye health ,how to take care of your eyes-eye health, . eye health tips and tricks,children’s eye clinic and squint clinic in Mumbai.

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#15 Tips for Eye Care -"conjunctivitis,red eyes,pink eyes"
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#15 Tips for Eye Care -"conjunctivitis,red eyes,pink eyes"
15 tips to take care of your eyes when in health or when suffering from conjunctivitis,red eye,also called as sore eye or pink eye. Eyes are vital and very delicate sensory organ,and it is must for us to take good care of our eyes and stop experimenting any kind of tips and tricks or magic solutions which internet articles are flooded with and claim to be .....
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